Happy Birthday To Idiotic Culinary Geniuses

I’m the worst anorexic in the world, because my favorite online show is Epic Mealtime.

Happy one year anniversary to the cooking show that changed the game.  My favorite episodes are beneath the fold.

  • Melanie

    Oh, that’s just…wrong.

    But the giant protein bar and chocolate chip/bacon/beer waffles do sound kind of good.

  • Nepenthe

    Naw, that makes you a good anorexic. Some of the ladies I was in the shrink clink with were totally obsessed with cooking shows and weren’t even allowed to watch commercials for food. And doesn’t being committed mean you’re doing well? (I kid, I kid.)

    As a binge eater, it’s very difficult to make food that I could not conceive of eating, but these gents are fantastic successes.

  • Cwayne

    How does watching this stuff help you?!!?

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