Hooking Up

The Skeptical Novice posted a piece recently on the message Hollywood gives us about casual sex (and also some interesting thoughts about marriage).

I don’t understand the sentiment that sex without love is “empty.” As long as all parties involved are fully aware of what they’re getting into, then there shouldn’t be a problem. The key to this is communication.

I’ve written about the need for honesty in any relationship, from friends to lovers, but never in this context.

While sex is more fun that Super Smash Bros., religion tells us we’re not to share it to that degree.  I’ve noticed that in the atheist movement a lot of us are very split on this.  What are your thoughts on casual sex?  Have you ever tried it?  What was your personal experience?  What would you say to somebody else considering it?

And, if it’s something you have experience with, how can people make it better?  Are there any ethical rules that should be followed?

It seems to me a lot of people have pre-marital sex (as Dr. David Burger always says, it’s only pre-marital if you intend to get married) and, given the basics of human biology, we all want to have pre-marital sex (even if some people want to obey god even more).  The willingness to responsibly abide by our biology in the department of getting-it-on seems like a real selling point for atheism (what asshole of a god gives us all the fun?), but like all things in our movement we should approach it with as much reason as possible.

So let’s do it.  Discuss.

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