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Huh.  I admit, I have no blogs written up for today.  I was planning on spending my day adjusting to life with a pitchfork up my ass down in Satan’s barbeque.  Seriously, who could’ve predicted that Harold Camping would have been wrong?  I mean, aside from everybody.

Since I was anticipating non-existence, I’ve kept my schedule clear.  That means I am not traveling this weekend!  I’m in my PJs like a perfectly unwashed sow, and I’m just sowing around doing some writing.  So let’s chat.

Are there any arguments for god’s existence you find perplexing and would like rebutted?  Anything deliciously shred-worthy in the news?

Also, I may play some video games this weekend.  I have the time to do so!  I have all manner of old school NES games on my laptop.  Which were your favorite old school video games (if you never played Nightshade on the NES, you missed out!)?

And are there any good PC games out nowadays?  Don’t recommend MMOs – I love them*, but I simply lack the time to play them (if you haven’t tried Champions Online, I recommend it).  I love games you can play online with others such as Left 4 Dead (1 & 2), Diablo 2, etc.  It’s sad there doesn’t seem to be any good RPGs you can login and play with friends in the vein of Baldur’s Gate, that aren’t an MMO, but are still story and character-driven fun with friends.

I like short-burst competitive games like Counterstrike.  Starcraft 2 would be a good fit, but I suck mightily at RTS games.  Despite having little time to play it, I will probably purchase Diablo 3.  I loathe Blizzard, so I will hate myself for this.

Did any of you ever play MUDs back in the day?  I did.  Don’t judge.

Any PC gamers up for some Left 4 Dead 2 sometime today?  I play vs. mode and am a freaking savant.  Seriously, read my profile —–>

Anyway, let’s get to know each other today (and feed me some fun stuff to blog about).  If there’s anything you’d like to know about me, ask away.  We could also try doing a vid chat hangout on Google Plus if there’s interest.

Alliance all the way!  I don’t care if horde is unstoppable at PvP.  And even if this fact has changed, I do not have enough time in my life for WoW…but my allegiance to the Alliance still runs strong!

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