Masochist Christian Judge Loves Getting Sued

In January I moved out of Springfield, MO where the godheads were censoring books in public schools and other fuckery.  Now I’m in Ohio which is better, right?  Right?


In 2001 an Ohio judge, the honorable but not terribly bright James DeWeese, posted the ten commandments in his courtroom.  A judge did this!  Somebody who is supposed to be intimately familiar with the intricacies of the law doesn’t even get the first amendment.

Fortunately, the ACLU had a pretty good grasp on first amendment and they sued DeWeese back to the Stone Age.

A federal judged ruled the display — a large, gilded frame titled “Rule of Law” — was unconstitutional and ordered it taken down.

Rule of Law.  Yes, because so many of the ten commandments are enshrined as law.  Remember the time that one guy went to jail for graven images?  Remember the high speed chase after the infamous lady who took the lord’s name in vain?  Can’t wait for the next Schwartzenegger movie where he brings those dastardly cashiers working on the sabbath to justice.  Rule of law my ass.

Well, in 2009 DeWeese either forgot about the ruling or he thought the law had changed (you’d think a judge would have a thumb to that pulse), so he hung the ten commandments up again and sent the ACLU this picture of himself.

The ACLU merrily obliged and came at him with another lawsuit which, shock and surprise, they won.  Just yesterday the Supreme Court declined to hear DeWeese’s appeal on that decision.

DeWeese said he knew it was unlikely the case would be heard — the U.S. Supreme Court considers only one in 1,000 cases…

Yes, it’s because they’re swamped, not because your case is an open and shut waste of time.

He questioned the merit of the lawsuit against him, saying it is without standing.

“Normally to be sued in court you have to be injured, but to see something read on the wall is the most pathetic of injuries,” DeWeese said. “It’s rather surprising the federal courts have such a low threshold of standing.”

Who cares if it’s against the law?  Nobody got hurt, right?  I mean, who could be injured by reading something on a wall?

How about the victims of your discrimination?  Think nobody would have ground to sue you if you, as a representative of the state and in a government building, hung up a banner that said, “Blacks are slaves, it says so in the Constitution”?  C’mon!  It’s just writing on a wall!  Where’s the harm?  How about, “Women’s suffrage was a mistake”?  How could anybody take issue with you hanging up a document that creates a class distinction amongst people to whom you’re obligated to show impartiality?

How did somebody this dense rise to a position of authority?  Don’t these guys have to take a test or something before they’re handed a gavel?

The American Center for Law and Justice, a conservative Christian group based in Washington, D.C., filed the appeal on DeWeese’s behalf. The group donated its attorney fees.

DeWeese has said any financial judgments, such as having to pay for the ACLU’s attorney fees, would come out of his pocket.

Consider it an idiot tax.

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