Matching Offer For The SSA

As of right now, the SSA’s facebook page has gone from 6.5k likes up to 14,045 likes. This is a valuable currency in the 21st century, which I’ll explain momentarily.

Progression so far.

Kenny Flagg, a leader with the Freethinkers of The University of North Dakota put this image on the r/atheism subreddit after 1am this morning. Overnight we get a gaggle of international traffic.

This morning it hits the front page of reddit and we start getting domestic traffic. Also, Christians start hammering it with downvotes.

FtB picks it up and now we’re outpacing the down votes, muahahahahahahaha! Thanks everybody!

Now, why is this influx of new traffic important? It’s important because we just announced a $20,000 matching offer from Ron Verstappen, and new memberships to the SSA count as donations! With all these people now having an eye on the SSA, we stand to be in a better position to support student activists in 2012!

So this is what I would like from all you lovely readers. Spread the word! Spread the word that we want four things:

1. Like the SSA Facebook page. You do not need to be a student to do this, you need only support our cause.
2. Upvote the reddit article to push back against all the Christian down votes.
3. Become a member of the SSA ($35/year, $10/year for students) and/or donate to the SSA. You do not need to be a student to become a member! The upcoming generation of secular activists requires the support of the previous generation! And you know that we’re a 501(c)(3), so this shiz is straight up tax deductible, homie.
4. Spread the word even further! Tweet about it. Facebook it. G+ it. Shout it from the mountain tops. Get a pic. Do a blog! Tell them the taaaaaaaaaaaaale!

We’ve had 7.5k new likes in the last 11 hours. If all those people threw in $2.50, we’d have the match. What happens in the next 24 hours will have a large impact on how successful student activism is for the next year! Let’s make this happen!

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