Moving day

It was a pretty short hike over to my new home.  It isn’t so much the distance that discomposes me, but the change of class.  My old blog had cracked tiles, peeling wallpaper, and the bedroom door wouldn’t shut all the way.  Were I not such an ardent skeptic, I may have believed the place was haunted.  But I loved it.  I loved each and every one of its flaws.  The place had character.

Today I’m moving to my new home at Freethought blogs, the shiny, peerless champion of secular blog sites.  On the way over I passed by Greta’s blog.  She and Ingrid were in the yard sipping coffee and dressed in the most fashionable outfits as Greta sat trying, as she has for years, to write a single sentence that wasn’t amazingly insightful, bewitchingly quotable, or both.  She’ll get it one of these days.  It occurred to me that there was more dust on my suitcase than in their entire home.  This is truly the ritzy part of the internet.  I hope I fit in.

On the way to Jen McCreight’s blog I crossed a bridge over a dreary lake.  Its placid surface no doubt masked the aquatic lair of PZ Myers and all its provocative machinations below.  I muttered a curse under my breath at the mansquid who was responsible for the lack of hair on my right leg and rededicated myself to supplanting that smartass piece of sushi as the meanest blogger ever.

On the opposite shore the sight of pastel-colored ponies trotting about the landscape signaled to me that Blag Hag manor was nearby.  A few more minutes of walking and I was on Jen’s porch, eager to reunite with my friend.  When Jen didn’t answer the door some of the ponies informed me that Jen had once more gone away to her lab and not returned for days.  The door was unlocked, so I walked inside and nearly tripped over the hundreds of lolcats all piled at the door waiting for Jen to write a new talk or blog post where they might be needed.  I took some leftover pizza from the fridge and fed all the lolcats, which didn’t leave any sustenance for the ponies.  As I departed Jen’s estate I could hear the ponies’ agitated cries of “shun the non-believer!  Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!”

Finally, I reached my new home in the skies above the outskirts of Freethought Blogs.  A blue dragon flew me up to what will hopefully be my permanent abode for some time.

Holy crap!  A few steps into the entryway and it’s already clear that the architects of Freethought Blogs didn’t mess around.  I can see my reflection in the marble floors almost as clearly as looking into a mirror (except for the spot where I just tracked in mud…oops).  The pillars in the foyer are magnificent, aside from the figures of mollusks carved into each one.  God damn PZ Myers.  FTB certainly possesses a tremendous elegance to which I’m not yet accustomed…but all things in time.

Anyway, for all the new readers, here’s a little bit about myself before I try and navigate my way to the master bedroom (and enjoy the fully functioning doors).  My blog consist mostly of rants about whatever is pissing me off at the time.  Since dedicated irrationality pisses me off the most, I’m generally writing about why faith-based beliefs need to be sundered from society.  I work for an amazing organization called the Secular Student Alliance as a campus organizer and high school specialist who gallivants across the country giving talks on atheism, morality, and just about anything related to the secular movement.  This year I’ve spoken at the American Atheists national convention, the American Humanist Association’s national conference, Dragon*Con, and a host of other venues.  I will also be speaking at Skepticon 4 in November.

I have the best, most rewarding job in the world.  For a living I get to help high school students stand up for their rights and to form clubs at their schools for other non-believers.  I get to do this alongside the most talented team in the biz.  I also co-founded Skepticon and was the primary organizer for the events for three years along with Lauren Lane.  I’m a recovering anorexic and sometimes I write about my struggles with mental illness.  I am also a karaoke junkie who has been a paid opera singer (and have worked under two-time Grammy-winner James Billings).  I will often post videos of my karaoke outings to the blog.

Other than that, I’m a Leo who enjoys walks on the beach, being seven feet tall, and wondering why we all can’t just get along.  I’ve already moved over my archives, so if you’re new and want to get a flavor for what I write, here’s my 9/11 post from this year, here’s a post about why we should argue with religious people (even when their arguments suck), here’s a post lambasting a church (get used to this), here’s a post explaining why people regurgitating arguments from AiG give me the red ass, and here’s a couple posts where I’m responding to somebody who left a comment/sent an email.  Enjoy!

Now I’m off to get situated.  I wonder if I could swing from that chandelier…

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