Open NFL Thread

Today I woke up in Oakland, the only place on Earth where I won’t get shit for being a Raiders fan!  I will need to savor this day.

My loathing for all things Texas was treated to the sweet wine of a Longhorn massacre yesterday (even if it was at the hands of almost equally hated Oklahoma).  Today my beloved Raiders are going to attempt to give me a twofer with a win over the Houston Texans.  Somehow the Texans have managed to be good this year, which worries me.  Still, I think the silver and black won’t make it easy on them!

Anyway, here is your thread all day to talk about good ol’ American football or to continue your conversations from last week.  I’m giving a talk in San Francisco and will be out and about all day, so my contributions will be minimal.  All digs on the Kansas City Chiefs will be awarded with digital hugs upon my return.

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  • Rich Stage

    Awesome. Another week to get excited as my Vikings get a huge lead and squander it in the second half. Yay.

    • JT Eberhard

      This week will be different. Have faith. :)

      • Rich Stage

        Their offense is fun to watch. Peterson is the best running back in the game. Just wish they could get their QB situation fixed.

        • JT Eberhard

          I’m sorry…I could’ve sworn I just heard you say that Peterson was the best running back in the league.

          Perhaps you’ve heard of my homie from Oakland (previously of the Razorbacks), Darren McFadden? :P RunDMC!!!

  • Charles Sullivan

    Steelers fake the punt. Punter throws pass for big first down yardage. Sets up ensuing touchdown!!

  • feralboy12, der Ken-Puppe Sie außerhalb in 1983 verlassen

    I see the Chiefs are busy making Curtis Painter look like an all-pro.
    This isn’t a dig (I’m a fan) but you might get some nice schadenfreude out of this story of a long-time (43 years) Chiefs fan. I reached a point about 1997 where I decided it was easier on my psyche if they just missed the damn playoffs altogether.
    I see the Raiders and Texans are trading 50+ yard field goals. Which reminds me–is there a more boring team name in sports than Texans?

    • JT Eberhard

      Oh man! I’m gonna pass that link off to my friend Ashley. :) That’s awesome!

  • JT Eberhard

    Holy balls!!! Looks like Oakland might actually win! Muahahahahahahahaha! Janikowski with field goals of 61 and 62? w00t!

    Too bad McFadden only has 14 carries. :S

    • ccaldwell314

      Hot damn that was a close one!

  • ccaldwell314

    I can’t decide which team I want to lose more.

    • ccaldwell314

      This should have been a reply to JT. Commenter Fail.

  • fastlane

    The teams I cheer for every weekend:

    Steelers (my wife is a fan for reasons that are totally unfathomable)
    Lions (in memory of my step father, who was always a fan through thick and thin)
    Packers (mom’s team, ’nuff said)
    Cowboys (mostly leftover from being a fan as a kid, it’s become a love/hate relationship)

    I was glad to see the Raiders win yesterday. Although the NFL can get a bit over the top whenever an owner/player/coach dies, it’s still nice when a team can win a game like that.

    I hope the Lions can beat the Bears tonight. It’s going to be tough, but right now, they and the Packers are the only undefeated teams left, I think.