Open NFL Thread

It’s no surprise to most of us: atheists are one of the most hated subsets of the American population.  But do you want to be really hated?  I mean hated like an insect hates fly swatters.  You want to be slandered, loathed, and dragged-through-the-mud reviled?

Try being an Oakland Raiders fan.  Not only do you have to put up with all the haters (and they are legion), you have to listen to all the Broncos fans and all the Kansas City Chiefs fans (who somehow forget that their team seems to think they’re playing European football this year, where scoring in the single digits is an acceptable day on offense) prattle on about what thugs the Raiders are*.  But I grew up supporting the Silver and Black with my dad and that has carried through into adulthood.  Plus, I’m a die-hard Razorbacks fan, and when Oakland drafted Darren McFadden that only sweetened the deal for me.  You have to admit, no matter who you root for, that McFadden is an unstoppable beast.

Anyway, here’s an open NFL thread.  I plan to bundle up and plant my arse firmly on the couch in front of the TV, get some writing done, work on some other projects, and watch some football.  New England lost to Buffalo last week and will likely be out for blood, but if Oakland somehow manages to beat them then you can bet I’m going to drench this thread with gloating.

* Yes, the Raiders drafted Terrell Pryor.  Yes, he’s a thug.  No, I’m not proud of this.

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