PZ, Greta, And Myself In Cincy This Weekend

This weekend is the Free Inquiry Group’s 20th Anniversary Conference in Cincinnati.  The fun starts Saturday morning at 10am and runs through until 5pm on Sunday.  The list of speakers is insane.

From Freethought Blogs they will have PZ Myers, Greta Christina, and moi.

Frankly, you should come just to see PZ and Greta and because I give the warmest hugs in all the land!  But the conference will also have American Atheists President David Silverman, journalist/comedian Jamila Bey, Darrel Ray, Tom Flynn, and more!  Perhaps we can get a meetup together with the three of us from FtB?  Who’d be down for some pub action?  Maybe some karaoke?  😀  What say you guys?

Registration costs for this event are very reasonable, and I hear they just made a Sunday-only ticket free!  Seats are limited though, so get on it if you still want to get in.

They will also be raffling off a signed copy of Richard Dawkins’ new book The Magic of Reality!

I’ve also never been to the Creation “Museum”.  The hotel where the conference is being held is ten minutes from that abomination.  Anybody wanna come with me and hold my hand (so I don’t put it through a glass casing)?

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