Risque Pics of Bloggers For Charity/Skepticon!

The final fundraiser for Skepticon is upon us, and it pits myself against fellow FtB bloggers PZ Myers and Jen McCreight.  Here’s the deal…

You see these curtains?  Behind each of them is an unreleased picture from the Skepticon 4 calendar.  For every $100 donated to a particular blogger’s widget, a square tile will be removed exposing part of the image.  Biggest donors get a high rez framed print of the image.

There are some advantages I have going for me here.  I’m younger than PZ, for one thing.  And in his picture he’s fully-clothed, whereas in mine I’m shirtless.

There are some things I’ve got working against me as well.  For one, Jen is easier on the eyes than I.  For another, she is also shirtless in her picture, which does not bode well for me or PZ.  Thank FSM I’ve already seen the image behind Jen’s curtain or I’d probably be shooting myself in the foot donating to her widget.

Anyway, let’s try to even the odds.  The picture they are using for me in this fundraiser was taken from a photo shoot I did last month.  It was traumatic (recall my body issues), but it quickly became cathartic.  Most of the pictures from that shoot are secreted away forever and ever.  However, since it was so healthy for me (and because the photographer insists :P) in four weeks I will be doing another shoot with the same photographer in which, yes, I will be shirtless.   If you donate $100 or more to my widget, I will send you a buffet of options from that shoot and will let you choose your favorite.  I will then produce a hand-written thank you note and mail it to you with a high-quality print of that image.

Donate $150 and I will let you dictate a pose for my forthcoming shoot and will send you a print of it and a thank you note.

Here are some images from my last shoot (the image behind my fundraising curtain is better than these, I assure you!)

And if my widget gets enough donations to uncover the whole image (20 squares x $100 = $2,000), I will make the not-terribly-risque images from the November photo shoot public.  So break out your wallets and make all donations in only one-dollar bills, please.

Let’s make this Skepticon the best one ever!

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