Secularism And Eternal Vigilance

Ok, lunch break.  Thank FSM for Sarah Moglia, our events specialist, who is the only other occupant of the Campus Organizing Office today. I’m up to my eyeballs in work and she is keeping me sane.  I’m going to use a few minutes of my precious break to schedule a few peeks into my day at the Secular Student Alliance.

August Brunsman is the SSA’s Executive Director.  His office is in the floor below mine, so we often communicate by Skype.  Aug is the man: he gets stuff done and is a consummate professional.  I also get stuff done…but as Lyz repeatedly tells me, my professionalism requires some work.

I’ve actually gotten much better.  I love my job.

  • Richard

    I facepalmed so hard.

  • Biodork

    Ahahaha! That makes my entire day. What a great lunch break this has turned into!

  • Katie Tims

    You’ve become far more professional. I remember when the knights kept bringing rum to the fort…..

  • Joshua Fisher

    Nice Princess Bride reference. However, be careful you don’t get your arms torn off.