Today ruled

This day should be enshrined as a holiday for all time.

I haven’t done squat today aside from explore my new palace at FtB (bedroom doors work great!), sow around in my PJs and a sweater that’s three sizes too big, watch the Arkansas Razorbacks beat the Texas A&M Aggies in a thriller, rock out some push ups and pull ups, and write.  Showering, I decided, is for people who stink – and I don’t stink!  Dracula is more active during the daylight hours than I was today, and it was awesome.

Today, within the proud confines of my living room, I was the god of sloth, and my kingdom was great.  At least, I think it was.  I’m too lazy today to go actually check on the greatness of my kingdom for myself.

Thanks for an awesome first day, Freethought Blogs!  See all you crazy kids in the morning.

  • Sid

    The Empress of Dorks shall vanquish the KING of Sloth and take his kingdom!

    • JT Eberhard

      Mind your tongue, missy! I might get around to sending my armies after you eventually.

      • Sid

        Did you just call me “missy”?

        Do you know who I am?

        You better check yourself.

        • JT Eberhard

          I would check myself…but then I’d have to get up.

  • Andora

    Haaaaaaaaaaah “sow”. Lollollol.