99 Problems, but a Finch Ain't One

A member of the Secular Student Alliance affiliate at ECU (the same group that recently did a blasphemous bake sale) linked a picture of his group’s flyer on twitter.

Humor freaking rules.  It’s harder to paint us as emotionally empty worshipers of all that is wicked when we’re giggling and posting stuff like this.

  • http://willisweb.com CoderHead

    I really like that!

  • Brad

    I’m embarrassed that I had to look up the reference. Here’s the wikipedia link for anyone else like me who is popular culture-challenged:


  • anthonyallen


    Don’t be embarrassed. And thanks for the link ;)


  • Cwayne

    Son, I am not disappoint.

  • Cwayne

    Now JZ will want royalties or sue…

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