ACS Controversy: This Is God Damn Unacceptable

I am not generally one to flat out ask people to re-post something. Articles should go viral on their own merit. Let me assure you that Greta Christina’s recent Alternet piece on the continuing American Cancer Society controversy has merit, and it needs to be seen by people. Read it. Share it. Tell others to share it. If you think those discriminating against atheists should be made to own that discrimination in public rather than in concealed silence, then share this article.

Greta catches the ACS absolutely red-handed. They are lying to cover their tracks (and doing a piss poor job of it) in refusing a metric shit-ton of cash from atheist philanthropist Todd Stiefel. She also exposes their tactic of painting the atheists as the bad guys once the story broke. This includes not only the atheists trying to give them a pile of money with which to fight cancer, but also the atheists (and believers) who have rushed to the ACS’s social sites in a cloud of WTF to express their shock and displeasure that they’d rather delay the cure for cancer than let atheists assist them as equals.

It’s enough to make you sick. For decades the response to this type of thing has been to accept that atheists are a reviled demographic and to not make life difficult for groups like the ACS by making waves. Still today, there will be atheists saying this is the best course of action to take.

Those people can go spend some intimate time with a cactus as far as I’m concerned.

The ACS has said it will take our filthy atheist money, but only if we stop asking for the same participatory privileges the ACS encourages of other groups (we want a youth affiliate in Relay for Life – the horror!). They will deign to accept our charitable contribution, but only if we relegate ourselves to a subjacent, inferior class on account of our disbelief in god.

Fuck. That. Noise.

This is unacceptable. It is degrading. And if you’re willing to roll over and accept that position rather than causing a fuss, get the hell off my blog.

For the rest of you with some dignity who are still here, make them accountable. Do your part to make sure as many eyes see this article as humanly possible. Spam the “Suggest a Story to Rachel Maddow” page with the article. Put it on your facebook wall, G+, reddit, call the fucking president.

Make it so.

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  • The Ys

    No, this isn’t something that should be swept under the rug.

    If we keep rolling over and playing ‘nice’, nothing will ever change. Keep this in the public eye, and let everyone know how bigoted these idiots are.

  • Victoria

    I agree this needs to be made loud enough that it gets picked up by the major news outlets. I’ve tweeted about it and I’ve told everyone & their brother about whats been going on. Its disgraceful and the ACS needs to be publicly shamed for their actions (the same way they would have ALREADY been if it had been an LGBT, African American, insert other minority here group that they had rejected)

    However! At this point I have no interest in ever working with the American Cancer Society/Relay for Life and even if they changed their tune and decided that the FBB could partner as a youth affiliate, I don’t want to help them raise a dime. I imagine other people feel the same way and I can picture a scenario where we’re allowed to participate and then a lot of people don’t and so people say look they didn’t raise that much money anyway so what was the big fuss all about? Is there any possibility of FBB and Todd Stiefel working together with another charity? Personally I feel like raising all kinds of money for another organization would be better and it may be nice to have something else already set up to point the news outlets to. If they ever decide to pick up the story they can say look! they’re raising money here now, help them!

    • JT Eberhard