Atheist Groups Operate Underground

One of the best things about atheism is that we want to play fairly.  We do not win by oppression – we win by making all beliefs equally open to criticism and trusting ours to be the ones standing when the smoke clears.  It’s called playing fair.

But the high ups at Baylor University don’t want to play fair.  When a group of students wanted to make a club for the non-believers, they were not exactly welcomed with open arms.

[SSA Communications Director, Jesse] Galef has heard from Baylor students who said they felt threatened with expulsion because of their lack of faith. The Baylor Atheist/Agnostic Society, continues to meet, organizing through a private Facebook page with 69 members. No one in the group agreed to be interviewed.

Dayton is the main problem though.  They are steadfast in denying students the chance to form a secular club.  I wonder if these are the same people who accuse atheists of an ends-justify-the-means approach to morality.

That’s a fib, no I don’t.

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