Christian Nation Hypothesis: The Founding Fathers Must've Been Idiots

Sometimes I’m jealous of my dad. He lives in rural Arkansas where you can’t take two steps without finding overwhelming evidence that religion makes people dumb which, for me, means blog material. Not that that kind of material is hard to find elsewhere (frankly, it’s hard to ignore if I tried).

On the other hand I’m often glad I don’t live in rural Arkansas, because you can’t take two steps without someone dancing into your field of vision and begging you to look at how dumb religion made them. That would get depressing.

Anyway, he often writes rebuttals to the letters to the editor of the local paper (see people parading religiously motivated dumb around), and he sent me the one he just penned. I thought I’d share.

HIRAM B. COOPER JR. Bella Vista repeats the standard lies of the theocrats.

“In reality, this separation does not exist in our Constitution.”

According to decades of Supreme Court justices, it does. Not only are they the ones empowered by the Constitution to make that call, anyone who believes that Hiram has a better handle on the Constitution than the Supreme Court is just plain deluding himself.

“The prevailing maliciousness within our government has forgotten the predominantly Judeo-Christian beliefs of our Founding Fathers.”

That a good many of them may have held Judeo-Christian beliefs is totally irrelevant to what they actually put into the founding document of our country known as the Constitution. Anyone who thinks our founding fathers weren’t bright enough to write Jesus or Yahweh into the Constitution if they had intended special privilege for Judeo-Christians is, again, deluding himself.

“Our Founding Fathers created a Christian nation.”

This is a bald-faced lie. It is disgusting when people like Hiram who claim the moral high ground choose to lie. If your cause is just, you shouldn’t have to lie to promote it.

“Has government, in excluding God and Christianity from our public domain….”

I have no idea what this means. Public Domain is a noun meaning

“1. the status of a literary work or an invention whose copyright or patent has expired or that never had such protection.

2. land owned by the government.”

Government hasn’t excluded “God and Christianity from our public domain”. The CONSTITUTION separated them from the government. Let’s at least try to be somewhat accurate.

Whether it’s evolution, physics, or constitutional law, is there any other influence upon humanity that so frequently motivates them to open their mouths about subjects they know absolutely nothing about while somehow expecting others to take them even remotely seriously?

As Darwin said, nothing breeds confidence like ignorance, and Christianity is spectacular at keeping ignorance alive in crevices where knowledge could reside.

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