Godless NFL Thread

I’m busy as all get out in St. Louis, so you get the quick version of the Godless NFL Thread.

The Raiders play Tim Tebow and the Broncos.  Though god assisted Tebow to pull off the mundane miracle of eeking out a victory over the Dolphins, arguably the NFL’s worse team, the almighty seemed to have found something more appealing in Detroit last week as the Lions took immense pleasure in sacking Tebow repeatedly.  Admittedly, I also took immense pleasure in this.  Darren McFadden is out for this game though, and I’m not sure the Raiders will have a functional quarterback to put in.  This means the Raiders may beat themselves.

No upset pick this week, and my pick from last week didn’t count since I inadvertently picked the favored team.  With my bad pick on the Texas game last night, that moves me to 3-1 picking upsets on the year.  Still not half bad.  In lieu of mine, you all should throw your upset picks in the comments.  From all the people who pick a correct upset, I’ll draw on of your names at random and let you contribute to next week’s NFL post (even if you want to dog on the Raiders or talk about how great the Cowboys are – no censorship here!)

I also have a new bet (I will get you all the picture of my holding the “Chiefs Rule #1” sign as soon as I’m able, due to the bet I ‘lost’ with Ashley over the Raiders v. Chiefs game).  New bet is with SSA Events Specialist Sarah Moglia.  I have dinner bet on the Lions to beat the Packers straight up on Thanksgiving Day!

She’s going down!

Enjoy your NFL thread, godless sports fans!

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