Guess Who Thinks Sexually Abusing Children Used to Be Normal

This post removed because it contained factually errant information.  That was my fault and was addressed in the comments.  I’m not a fan of leaving posts up when they contain inaccuracies (because misinformation sucks).  If a battle cannot be won playing fairly, it shouldn’t be won.

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  • Glodson

    What the fuck?! Goddamnit, I actually feel bad for people born into this faith. Really, it isn’t their fault that the ones at the top are either insane or monsters.

    Really, there is no silver lining here. I know that statements like this might get some Catholics to question their faith, but it isn’t fucking worth it. Fuck, if the goddamn church would own up to the sick culture they created and allowed to flourish, that would be a good thing. But trying to shift the blame, rationalize it, and decry that the entire world is morally decaying is just at attempt to absolve all those leading the institution of guilt.

    They don’t give a shit about morality, the children, or even the people they are supposed to be leading in worship. Fuckers.

  • http://zadocsbible.blogspot.com Zadoc

    Actually JT, this quote is from last year and it appears to be taken out of context from what the entire speech purports him to have said:


  • http://iconoclasm2000.blogspot.com/ darkstar

    I have to second @Zadoc, I believe the quote is taken out of context and doesn’t mean what you think it means.


    What I find offensive is the conclusion where he basically says: yeah, we messed up — but now let’s get back to our ideology of suppressing women’s rights, fighting against condom use, fighting to deny gay rights, and general sexual suppression which served us so well before [my list of course :]

    He also said:

    “Morality is replaced by a calculus of consequences, and in the process it ceases to exist.”

    Whoa, big non sequitur there Mr Pope.

    Consequences DO matter, it is the Consequences of abuse and rape that makes them worthy of being *illegal*. Screw your Catholic immorality nonsense – it’s meaningless. You think Abraham packing up the Mule and the slaughter of infants were examples of good moral action; such people shouldn’t be allowed outside the padded room.

    • http://iconoclasm2000.blogspot.com/ darkstar

      Oh, and the problem with the quote as-is, is that Mr Pope is trying to get off the hook by pointing his crooked little finger and saying “look how horrible those people are, they actually thought it was ok”. And while I’m sure there are a precious few mentally disturbed persons who could believe that – I wonder how many of them were Catholics?

  • Pierce R. Butler

    “Yesterday” as of Tue, 21 Dec 2010, according to the link.

    That the Pope takes a, um, sophisticated and highly nuanced view of pedophilia seems par for the course; that he had jumped on the Xmas-begins-in-November commercial bandwagon would’ve been a shocker.

  • http://www.mythyx.com Rick Labus

    What kind of scum are you. Admitting that you were mistaken. Jesus christ. wtf man. Show some balls post the story! Are you afraid they may call you a hypocrite?

    You know if there were more like you on the “other side” of the argument there would be no “other side of the argument”

    • Richard

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000860029380 jazzyman

    Free thought? So this is what passes for liberal free thought these days… What a sad, feckless lot you are!

    Have to wonder about the wisdumb of Ratzo’s being the corporate fixer, then telling the truth for a few minutes. Doesn’t generally work. Re: the discussion early this week, this is a very good illustration of how far apart theologians and the faithful are, and that’s not limited to Catholicism. It also shows how there’s so little difference between conservatives and liberals these days. Everyone accepts the idea of moral absolutes? Funny. I don’t see the “hope you like President Palin” crowd holding Obama to absolute moral standards. Thought “realpolitik” meant that you see everything in relative terms, a means to an end?

    Let’s be real. It’s thinking versus emoting. Thinking has gone out of fashion. If you REALLY care about something, well then naturally you are going to throw all your principles out the window and act emotionally!

    I had to look at this a few times to see it wasn’t “The Onion”.

    • http://iconoclasm2000.blogspot.com/ darkstar

      @jazzyman With all due respect, what the frack are you going on about? Do you think you could manage to connect two thoughts together? NOTE: incoherent blathering isn’t #winning

      Now, let me caveat that – if you are a right-wing Christservative then please continue on, it makes perfect sense.