Hellsing Unabridged

First, thanks to all you loverly readers for providing an ocean of myths about atheists yesterday.  It helped my project (which I’ll tell you all about in an upcoming episode :P).

As thanks, you get this video my brother sent me yesterday that made me laugh my ass completely off.  The SSA gives its employees Veteran’s Day off so I’ll be spending mine shopping for a brand spanking new ass.  Thanks, bro.  I think I’ll start at the Catholic League – plenty of asses over there.

^^ Your ass will be fired if you play this at work, FYI.

  • http://war-on-error.xanga.com/ Ben


  • http://a-million-gods.blogspot.com/ Avicenna

    Episode 1 is extremely good and the people behind this are the people who do the DragonballZ abridged series.

  • John-Henry Beck

    Okay, that was both awful and hilarious.

  • http://xeroankh.blogspot.com xero ankh

    i saw this the other day, it’s fucking hilarious. made my day.x