Joe Paterno Rant

All the cool bloggers are doing it, and I want to be a cool blogger.

Ok, so Joe Paterno has an assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky.  Turns out this assistant coach had a thing for diddling prepubescent boys at an annual charity event the coach ran for prepubescent boys.  One day many years ago Mike McQueary, a graduate assistant working with the team, saw Sandusky going down on a ten year-old boy in the showers.  He told Joe Paterno who fulfilled the minimum of what he was supposed to do by reporting it to the university’s president.  McQueary would go on to become the receivers coach at Penn State.

Everybody’s jumping on Joe Paterno, and rightfully so.  The son of a bitch enabled Sandusky to pursue more victims rather than take a chance at harming his reputation.  But I want to comment on McQueary, which nobody seems to be doing.  How the hell do you see something like that and walk away?  How are you not in the shower forcibly separating Sandusky from his victim and then dragging his ass to the police yourself?  How do you then get hired as the receivers coach and manage to work beside that sick fuck every day for years knowing what’s going on?  This guy is not a hero for doing what he did, he’s a failure for what he did not to do.

As for Paterno, every single quote I hear from him in the media is “Let’s pray for this and that.”  Prayer isn’t enough, Joe, especially when you had the chance and the obligation to actually do something. Although, I think I might have found a partial explanation for Paterno giving unspoken license to Sandusky.

“Joe is a devout Catholic.”

Perhaps he’s just emulating the leaders of his church.  “Oh, this is horrible!”  *enable*

This whole situation stinks.  As PZ said of Paterno and his piety this morning…

When you’re at the very bottom of a pit, when you’ve failed egregiously at basic human decency, there’s always that one last recourse for the scoundrel and coward: turn to Jesus and hope that piety will buoy your reputation up a little bit. It’s sad, too, that it often seems to work with that credulous majority.

Religion makes no one better, but it’s a damn fine shield if you’re looking to escape culpability.

And now since we’re all good and depressed, here’s a video (skip to 5:57 for the part that cleanses my pallet).

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