Most Phenomenal Punt Return in History

This happened last night during the Arkansas vs. Tennessee game.  If there has ever been a more electrifying punt return in the history of football, professional or collegiate, I’ve not seen it.

  • johnbrockman

    Sweet cuppin’ cakes, what, was he smeared with crisco or something?

  • blindrobin

    That kid’s got some crazy legs.

  • Aliasalpha

    Pfft, I’ve done better than that

    They DO count if you do them playing madden don’t they?

  • phil zombi

    That’s pretty slick.

  • John Eberhard

    In honor of Joe Adams, this morning I backed out of the driveway, inched forward 20 feet, threw it in reverse, backed into the cul-de-sac, drove in a circle three times, faked turning into another driveway, pulled up along the curb, then drove 65 mph out of the subdivision.