Rock, Chalk, Ownage

My friend and fitness buddy, Conrad Hudson, posted a note on facebook the other day. Here is an excerpt I just had to share.

Was feeling feisty today so stopped to reprimand some street preachers who were giving out information on Jesus under false pretenses. If your message is that good, you shouldn’t have to deceive to spread it. The first one took his tongue-lashing with dignity and silence. The second one to stop me only wishes he did. You asked for the story, here it is.

Guy A: “Would you like a basketball schedule?”

When I turn this over, it looks like a religious document. Why did you offer me a basketball schedule and then give me a religious document?

“Because it’s important.”

If it’s so important, why didn’t you offer it to me directly? Why did you try and sneak your message in on the back of something else?

“Because then people wouldn’t take it.”

Yes exactly. And yet you have today decided that I don’t have the mental capacity to make my own decisions on what I do and don’t want. You’ve taken position of arrogance that you know so much better than I, what I need, that you’d rather trick me in to chancing upon your information than give me a chance to make my own decision. Can you see why I might find that disrespectful to me and my fellow students?


Further, if this message is so important, if it truly is backed up by evidence, if it bears fruit in the lives of those who embrace it, then it should be able to stand up on its own. The message of God shouldn’t need to trojan horse to be considered by his own creation.


You’re not here to help give me information about the basketball season, you’re taking advantage of my desire for that information to give me something else, something you want to give me, but haven’t given me an honest proposal which I can decide on. If you were a business that would be called bait-and-switch, and it would be illegal. But you’re not selling anything, so it’s not illegal, it’s just dishonest, and frankly hypocritical for a follower of a diety who commands truthfulness. I think these issues are important, and I like talking about them, but I’m not going to take your information because I don’t appreciate the way you’re approaching my campus.


Stay warm, and take care.

If you have to lie to spread the religion that claims the moral high ground, it’s probably time to rethink a few things. These particular liars were from Heritage Baptist Church. They sound like they could use a visit from area atheists…

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  • Ashton

    Yes, it’s dishonest, but I’m not sure that it would be illegal if they were a business. If you buy something from a business and they give you what you bought along with a religious tract or a cross necklace or something they aren’t depriving you of what you bought. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but i think one side of the document has the basketball schedule and one has the religious info. If that’s the case, then they did give what they said they would, just along with something else.

  • Gordon

    I wonder how this would go down outside their church

    “Do you want a bible?”
    “ok here you go”
    “what the… there’s nothing inside but menus for local take away places”
    “yeah, but it is important, and you might not have taken them otherwise”

  • NathanDST

    That excerpt looks like the one who took his thrashing with dignity and silence. What about the other?

  • ccaldwell314

    Some asshole in downtown Fort Worth was running around a few weeks ago handing out “Wal-Mart gift cards” as I was leaving the bars one night. They were actually tracts about how the savings Jesus gives are better than Wal-Mart’s savings or some convoluted bullshit.