Achievement Unlocked

  • phil zombi

    I’m right there with you. Who wants to drive?

  • Joe t

    Omg, I want that on a tshirt!

  • Nick

    Might be tricky. Don’t you have to steal a Valkyrie’s underpants or something to get sent to Hel?

  • Crow

    It’s cool with me. Satan’s a lot more respectable than that other guy.

    Good Guy Lucifer

  • Johnnykaje

    Joe t- I agree. In fact I’m making one on my Zazzle store right now. I’ll put a link here as soon as TPTB approve it.

  • Richard

    <3 omg yes.

  • Johnnykaje
  • teh_faust

    I just wondered if you’re asking a little too much of the buddhists to open up one just for you and might content yourself with a few hundred years as a flatworm but wikipedia just informed me they actually have several. So, congrats seem indeed in order.

    Anyway, you’ll still get in trouble with some folks if you’re looking for permanent residents. It looks like Judaism and the folks who believe in universal reconciliation are going to expatriate you if your torment permit has run out ;-)

    But where do they get all those minute details?

  • Alethea H. Claw

    Hel’s dead easy. Just don’t die in battle.