Bullies for Christ

A public school in Giles, VA somehow thought posting the ten commandments in the school wasn’t a breach of separation of church and state.  An anonymous student at the school has agreed to be the plaintiff in the case against the school.  Now the Liberty Counsel is representing the school and trying to get the court to demand the plaintiff’s identity be revealed.

Ed Brayton hits the nail on the head.

…there is one and only one reason for such a demand — the hope that bullying and intimidation by others in the community would force them to drop the suit. In other words, thuggery in defense of Christian privilege.

Weren’t these the same people who wanted to keep major donors to the “Yes on Prop 8” campaign anonymous?

Adults, hypocritical adults ganging up to intimidate…a high school student.  Think Damon Fowler and the Christian community that would sooner destroy the life of a teen-aged boy than obey the law was an isolated case?  Think again.

Think Christianity is a link to compassion or moral goodness?  Think again.

Religions like Christianity don’t win by having the best arguments – they win by being ideological bullies.  They win by constructing a world where fear of being ostracized from one’s family or fear of losing one’s job or any number of social penalties keep the opposition nice and quiet.  You want to win?  Show them those tactics won’t work!  Push back and push back hard! 

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