Christina Introduces Herself.

Picture of Christina aka zizturGuess what, fellow heathens?

The WWJTD blog has added another author – me!

My name is Christina, though some of you might know me from my blog as Ziztur. I’ve written several guest posts over here and am probably most famously known for being the other half in JT’s polyamory escapades. I hail from St. Louis city, Missouri.

JT describes me as the most unique person he knows, though I don’t personally feel particularly unique – I just feel like myself.

I’m educated (I have a doctoral degree in occupational therapy. Primarily I do research, but to avoid ivory-tower syndrome, I also work in the field as a clinician. you can call me Dr. Christina if you like, though I usually don’t go for that sort of thing), atheist (raised secular, I declared myself an atheist after taking an evidence-based research class in graduate school and deciding to apply the principals learned in said class to the god question), mentally ill (I am diagnosed with depersonalization/derealization disorder and attention-deficit disorder), modified (I’ve been tattooed, pierced, suspended, and implanted) am a champion cuddler, and occasionally enjoy writing superfluously long sentences.  I tweet @Ziztur.

As a leisure activity, I enjoy finding the most inane news articles on published scientific research, downloading the actual journal article, and analyzing the content for your reading pleasure.  I especially dig research on alternative medicine or mental illness. As you might imagine, science writers for media outlets rarely get the science correct.

I’m also filled with passionate indignation at how the believing, credulous world treats atheists and skeptics and proudly proclaim my nonbelief to anyone who’ll listen, though I mostly have to hide my atheism at my day job as a clinician (not from my employer, but from my clients). I don’t know if I’d label myself  friendly or firebrand, but… well, I’ll just write a few articles and you folks can tell me what you think.

I am a skeptical liberal ignostic strong atheist existentialist absurdist desirist determinist naturalist ubuntu secular humanist.

I’ll write about atheism, alternative medicine vs science-based medicine, statistics, disability, tattoos, sex (!), the borderlands of science, logic, and unrelated things that catch my fancy and are worthy of your eyes and brain. Sometimes I’ll also do crazy things like swallow homeopathic sleeping pills for Youtube stunts.

Lastly, I love being proven wrong. Being proven wrong gives me prudence to change.

Look forward to seeing more posts from me.

JT and Christina cuddling

JT and I training for the cuddlelympics


Reach Christina at Zizturiswrong {at} gmail [dotcom]

…or on Twitter @Ziztur

…or on Facebook

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  • JT Eberhard

    Your brain is huge. I want to kiss it.

  • Christina

    That’s perfect, as I’ve been considering trepanning and the blood-brain barrier is overrated.

  • Tony

    Get a room! And not a chat room, but a room room… :)

  • Tony

    I look forward to reading more from both of you.

    • Christina

      I like you already.

  • Shelley P.

    Yay my best friend/sister blogging on my favorite blog! This is a blog marriage made in… uh… add your own term.

  • RW Ahrens

    I like unique people. You sound like the thoroughly unconventional, delightfully outrageous kind of person I could like reading about, or from, or whatever word would work there…

    Anyway, welcome to the party!

  • stubby

    I will read your posts if you promise to never use the word cuddlelympics again. Now I have an image of an impotent cephalopod stuck in my brain. Not cool, Christina.

  • Kate from Iowa

    Glad to hear about the alternative medicine and inane research blogging you’ll be doing. I miss the silly stuff I used to read over at Orac’s blog, but…keeping up with a boatload of independant pages…well, I have to actually do my job, at some point.

  • Adam Lee

    Welcome, Christina! One of these days I’m going to figure out how you did that magic trick with the cord at Skepticon. :)

  • JT (Generic)

    I’m pretty sure that blogging together before marriage is a sin.

  • hannahcapps

    Hiya! You sound like a pretty fantastic person! Looking forward to your contributions. :)

  • The Nerd

    Is there an in-between? Because you’re not entirely either friendly or firebrand? Perhaps we should create a new category, and call it Friendly Fire. ;)

  • Christina

    Science Falsify It, I feel so welcome! **squee!**

  • rdmcpeek43

    Modified! I love modified women. Welcome.

  • sarahstrohmeyer

    I’m also diagnosed with depersonalization. Nice to know someone else irl who is as well.

  • B Chalfant

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