Christmas Shouldn't Be Special

In my quest to unseat PZ as king of the firebrands, I have acquired a Trophy (Primary) Girlfriend™.  If you’ve hung around me at any major conferences recently you’ve probably met her (she tolerates hanging around me).  Her name is Michaelyn and she’s…nice.  She’s really, really nice.  To pretty much everybody.  She makes facebook statuses like this.

As an atheist, I still love Christmas. I hope everyone stays warm and is surrounded by loved ones today. Actually, I hope that’s how all your days go. Have an especially wonderful Christmas day.  :)

Ugh…so positive!  So cheerful and pleasant.  *shudder*

I would accuse her of taking the Friends out of Friendsmas, but that would be a silly thing to say to someone who just wished happiness upon me.  She’s just wishing everybody well…that whole good will towards man thing.

And I guess I can begrudgingly get behind it.  We shouldn’t need a freaking holiday to feel the way we do today.  Loving people and telling them so, finding ways to enjoy the little things in life, we should do this all year!  More happiness in the world would rock every day.  Let’s do that in 2012.

She’s a pretty cool one.

Update and pics from #AACon15. MST3K cast members were at my talk.
PERSONAL: Happy birthday, Hitch.
PERSONAL: Mid day lab pics from the wife.
You guys are wonderful.
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When not defending the planet from inevitable apocalypse at the rotting hands of the undead, JT is a writer and public speaker about atheism, gay rights, and more. He spent two and a half years with the Secular Student Alliance as their first high school organizer. During that time he built the SSA’s high school program and oversaw the development of groups nationwide. JT is also the co-founder of the popular Skepticon conference and served as the events lead organizer during its first three years.

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM.

    Bah! Humbug even!

  • kraut

    “We shouldn’t need a freaking holiday to feel the way we do today”

    Fuck you, man.
    I don’t care how you feel, but why should I pass on a free holiday for whatever reason?
    I feel even better knowing that my boss has to pay me for a day I don’t have to slave for him.
    I guess only someone who does not have to earn his fucking money by slaving for someone can come up with such a bullshit notion.

    I guess some union guy needs to bust your nuts, asshole.

    • http://lakabux.blogspot.com Lakabux

      Who the hell peed in your eggnogg? Read the fsck’n post before commenting fer the luvvabog!


      Oh, and enjoy your paid holiday.

  • kraut

    Sheesh, to many guesses there. I don’t guess, I think someone should just do it.
    That comes getting exited by idiocies spouted by some semi intellectual arsehole.

    • Michaelyn

      I think you missed the point.

  • Michaelyn

    Live while you can in 2012! (the end of the world will come next December…)

    I’m okay with appreciating all the little things and telling my loved ones how I feel every day as if it is Christmas. But I can’t eat food like it’s Christmas every day… That would be terrible for my health.

  • Kate from Iowa

    I have to humbug too, today. My dad sent a letter to my mom’s house. Throughout a great deal of it he referred to me only as “her” or “she” while my siblings got addressed by name. And I haven’t moved or change my phone number in something like 8 years, so it isn’t as if no one knows where I am or how to reach me.

    Anyway, predictably, the answer was “have a glass of wine, you brain will stop screaming at itself.” worked. Until his sister called. My phone, so obviously, someone there still has my phone number, although none of them wanted to speak to me. They even spoke to my mother. I mean really, who tthe fuck does that? Calls thier kid and won’t talk to them, but will speak to thier ex-fucking-wife? What the fuck? I can do without days like today.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ziztur Christina

    I think you unseat him pretty good by having both a Trophy (Primary) Girlfriend™ and a Trophy (Secondary) Girlfriend™ if I do say so myself. And I do.

    • http://freethoughtblogs.com/wwjtd JT Eberhard

      I’m JT Eberhard and I approve of this message.

      • Michaelyn

        Damnit, I was going to say “I approve this message.” But now it would look like I was stealing your idea. So I’ll just say ditto.

  • Anonymous

    “I think you missed the point.”

    I don not think I did. I give a shit as a working stiff who wants do do what and why with a fucking holiday, as long as I get payed for the fucking holiday. So, do whatever you want to do, enjoy the free paid time and pray to fucking Jesus or take care of your family and friends.
    But if you try to take away a holiday that the working stiff so rightly deserves, I declare you a sympathizer of the 1% and a mortal enemy and prime arsehole.

    • Realee

      First, you really did miss the point. No one was suggesting removing the holiday by the ” We shouldn’t need a freaking holiday to feel the way we do today.” The suggestion is just we all treat each other better throughout the year regardless of special occasions. A good point to take time when we can to take stock and regularly show those near and dear that they matter. No one is trying to take away your paid time off. Sheesh.

      Second glad you get paid for holidays you don’t work! That’s great! I, as a working stiff, don’t. I also don’t get extra for working holidays. Still love my job. I can still appreciate holidays too. I can still be truly happy for those that do have those benefits and hope I get them eventually myself. Hope you enjoyed your day off and that you were able to do something fun with it.

    • Stephen Foster

      JT, does this kind of thing happen a lot?

      • http://freethoughtblogs.com/wwjtd JT Eberhard


    • Max

      As a fucking working stiff myself, I would fucking rather choose my own fucking days off rather than have them fucking allotted to me according to whatever the fuck everyone else is doing (Was wondering what the attraction was to all that profanity you spouted, so tried it myself. Not feeling it so far.)

    • Aquaria

      You totally missed the point, you stupid piece of shit.

      Unless the only way you can be a decent human being is to be paid for doing nothing.

      Fuck off.

  • kraut

    PS that kind of arrogance by perpetual students and self professed “intelligentsia” towards the working man leads to the kind of split and non support of us for the 99 movement.
    If you manage to get the unions against you, you have lost already and will be a part of the big dustbin of history.

    • F

      The fuck are you on about?

    • http://quirkyniki@wordpress.com Niki M

      How the hell did you get from JT’s “Yay, I have a girlfriend” and “Loving people and telling them so, finding ways to enjoy the little things in life, we should do this all year!” to him supposedly wanting to take away a paid holiday from so-called working stiffs?

      If you bothered to read the whole post before throwing your little posting fit, you’d see that he was talking about feelings and being being all sentimentally sappy (which I, as an uneducated working stiff who isn’t getting paid for any days off, kinda like)

      Go drink some eggnog and enjoy your holiday pay, man. You’re totally barking up the wrong tree here.

    • http://theedixieflatline.wordpress.com/ Daz

      Just so you know: I’m also a ‘working stiff’ as you call it (assembly-line—about as low on the pecking order as it gets, just in case you assume I’m some kind of lower-managment go-for or some such), and I’m also a union member.

      Frankly, old chap, you’re an arsehole. You’re walking talking proof that class snobbery works in both directions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002450271843 nataliebaldwin

    Wow, JT. Your blog gets some serious nasties sometimes. Thankfully Michaelyn should balance that out. Congrats on the posi, pos-ster GF and the posi positivity in yr Friendsmas! :)

  • http://kamakanui.zenfolio.com Kamaka

    My dad sent a letter to my mom’s house. Throughout a great deal of it he referred to me only as “her” or “she” while my siblings got addressed by name.

    I’d think you would be used to such treatment by now.

  • June

    Ahh, surrounded by a steaming
    pile of love and friendship.

  • spondee

    Love and hugs for the 27th to all. Especially Kraut, sounds like he needs a wank from a stranger in a dark corner.
    I had an awkward family week, but I count myself lucky anyway. Very lucky when I consider the lives of most of the folks on this planet.
    This time of year makes me sadder the older I get, but I must remember the love, no matter who was here last year but is gone now.

    Thanks for reminding me.
    Love and hugs to all. Cause it’s the 27th, that’s why. (snogs for the lucky ones)

  • spondee