"Dear Christian" Videos From GVSU

Skeptic Freethought has posted the videos of my presentation of Dear Christian at GVSU a few weeks ago: including the Q&A with the crowd of believers.  I was honest, critical, and yet still managed to make them laugh.  It’s almost like we don’t have to pull punches and placate religious people in order to get along with them and to drive the conversation.  Weird.

I’ve written a few responses to emails/letters I got from attendees, but here’s your chance to hear my responses to all the others.

I’ll post a teaser here.  Head on over there for all the others.

About JT Eberhard

When not defending the planet from inevitable apocalypse at the rotting hands of the undead, JT is a writer and public speaker about atheism, gay rights, and more. He spent two and a half years with the Secular Student Alliance as their first high school organizer. During that time he built the SSA’s high school program and oversaw the development of groups nationwide. JT is also the co-founder of the popular Skepticon conference and served as the events lead organizer during its first three years.

  • Art Vandelay

    I just watched all 7 of those. Awesome job. This is why I could never do anything like this:

    Audience member: You don’t think God is loving but are you aware of what we did? Haven’t you read Genesis?

    Me: Genesis? Seriously? Fucking Genesis? Genesis! Did you just quote Genesis? You didn’t right? Please tell me you didn’t quote Genesis as a sufficient justification for your God being such a dick! Please! NOOOO!!!!

    So I guess what I’m saying is that I admire your patience.

  • Laurence

    This is the first time I’ve heard this talk of your’s. I thought it was really good. You did a great job with their questions.

  • Gordon

    I find death so much less scary as an atheist. What’s scary is believing in hell and believing there is a non-zero chance that a loved one will end up there.

  • Kaito

    Is there a transcript of this talk yet?

  • Brad

    Great presentation, watched all 7 parts. Seemed like it was very well received, did you get any indication afterwards if you had changed anyone’s mind? Maybe not even about their faith, but at least about their pre-conceptions about atheists?

  • http://psychoticatheist.blogspot.com/ Psychotic Atheist

    That was great JT, I really liked your friendly but honest style, but perhaps I’m only saying that because it is the style I aspire to.

    If I had to criticize anything, and I don’t – but I will anyway, it was your catchphrase ‘Think about it’. It’s a great catchphrase, and possibly one you were using unconsciously, but I tried to put myself in the shoes of the person receiving it. I wonder if it didn’t inadvertently come across as condescending – implying that it was something that the person hadn’t in fact thought about. This might be true, of course, but given these people came to a talk I’m imagining that most people have thought about it.

    I stress, with several underlinings for emphasis, that this is a very minor point. I don’t think it particularly matters too much. In a self-aware bout of hypocrisy however, I invite you to think about it.