Discovery Channel Playing Politician

PZ has noted that the Discovery Channel has elected to axe information about climate change in David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet series.

Well, the word is out. The Discovery Channel only bought 6 of the 7 episodes. They dropped the seventh because…it talks about global climate change.

Not ok.  Science is about finding the truth, regardless of who it offends.  This is not acceptable.

I’m with PZ here: contact the Discovery Channel and tell them this is not ok.  I won’t be watching DC until the show concludes unless they pick up the seventh episode.

Ok, good news.  Commenter danielrudolph provided a link that suggests this isn’t true. w00t!

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  • danielrudolph

    This rumor was floated very briefly before it became clear it wasn’t true.

    • JT Eberhard

      Thank you! Amending the post now.

  • dcortesi

    You and Pzed should try to keep up! Reddit had the correction 5 days ago. Here’s a link to the Columbia Journalism Review article, quote,

    Discovery Channel reversed course on Tuesday when it announced that it would air all seven parts of a BBC series about Earth’s polar regions, including a final episode about climate change, which it originally said it would forgo.

  • TV200

    Good on them for episode 7. But big fucking boos for replacing Attenborough’s narration.