Explaining Gay Rights to Idiots

My mother posted a wonderful link to a post which explains how to discuss gay rights with an idiot.

Alan Keyes: pro-equality SCOTUS ruling would be a cause for war.
Huckabee says SCOTUS can't overrule god on same-sex marriage.
Kenya's highest court rules LGBT rights organization must be allowed to form.
On bigots becoming the minority.
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  • manocheese

    I think you’re underestimating idiocy.

  • papango

    Pat Robertson once said, “It’s a long downward slide.
    That’ll lead to legalizing sex with ducks.
    If two men can stand side by side”

    God, I hope he’s right
    ‘Cause if gay marriage becomes lawful
    Gonna find myself a duck.
    And legally do. Something awful.

    • Happiestsadist

      Who doesn’t love Garfunkel and Oates?

  • Mark

    Marriage should not be recognized by the government at all.

    • lordshipmayhem

      One reason why government should recognize marriage: without a recognition of marriage, if you’re unconscious in hospital, who makes the treatment decisions for you? Mommy?

      Another reason: Right now, the government recognizes the spouse in the event that you died intestate. Who should inherit if there is no recognition of any marriages?

      A third reason: Laws force employers to recognize marriage in providing next-of-kin with health benefits. If the law didn’t recognize marriages, how would you enforce that?

      Whether we like it or not, marriage is important: it’s a declaration of support for the other spouse in forming a family, and sometimes you need a little help from the Customer Appreciation Pancake Maker o’ Doom in getting various kinds of providers (health care, schooling, benefits providers) to recognize this.

      • Mark

        This can all be accomplished through other legal mechanisms. In fact, even if you are legally married, it is a good ideal to employ those mechanisms anyway. It is very easy to do.

  • Josh, Official SpokesGay

    Thanks Mark, that’s extremely helpful. It’s so much more important, of course, than the everyday experiences of queer folk who suffer enormous legal and financial penalties because they don’t have access to the system.

  • sunnydale75

    JT, please give your mother my thanks. As a gay man, I find it so frustrating that people don’t “get it” when discussing gay marriage.
    Someone should send that link to the slate of Republican contenders. If they can’t understand the message, they’re not even smart enough to be idiots.


    • Aquaria

      They understand it full well. They just don’t care that you don’t have rights that they do, or think that rights are something that can have a litmus test applied to them.

      People like that–aka scumbags–think that rights (and a lot of other stuff) make up only one pie, so there’s only so much to go around. Anyone who doesn’t get any of the pie, even if they were shoved out of the way, or prevented from even getting near the pie, well–tough luck. That’s just how it is, and you’ll have to deal with it.

      People like us think that we can expand rights (make more pie) if we need to. We make it happen with the willpower and hard work of people who are willing to make things happen (make more pie). Whether it’s abolition of slavery, giving women the right to vote, making abortion legal–all those are new rights that we came up with, just like we came up with a new pie.

      You see the one-pie versus make-more-pie people in every facet of life. That jealous lover you had who couldn’t stand the idea of you even talking to someone else (and we’ve all known that idiot)? A one-pie thinker, who thinks that there’s only so much love to give. The teabagger idiots who thinks that we can’t have health care for all because it might take the cost of a few pies from them? One-pie thinkers. They’re going to benefit, so much from making that new pie, but they can’t seem to get that giving up a little of their own pie will get them more pie!

      And so on.

      • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com WMDKitty

        So… the more love you share, the more love you get. It makes sense.

  • Phledge

    I doubt if conservatives even understand the concept of consent. After all, women and children are chattel to them. For all their babbling about god-given free will, their deity has put even the most powerful of its believers in a non-consentual bond of worship-or-die.

  • dmf

    to quote David Rakoff:
    “Of course, not ‘Adam & Steve’.
    Never ‘Adam & Steve‘.

    Adam & Steven.”

  • http://nathandst.blogspot.com NathanDST

    I’ve seen that before, but there was stuff about a toaster on there. What happened to the rest of it? (and where the heck did I see that before. . . ?)

  • http://knowitstrue.com Adrian Urias

    So a marriage that does not have these two properties, adults and consent, are therefore not real marriages? I’m curious how you came to this conclusion.

  • Margaret

    This won’t work with the fundies since they would reject the second box: that any female is an adult capable of making her own decisions.

    • http://knowitstrue.com Adrian Urias