Godless NFL Thread

The Raiders play the Packers today.  Let’s not talk about that.

Let’s talk about Tebow, because I want to see him lose so badly.  I want this in part because Oakland will probably lose today and they’re tied with Denver atop their division.  The other part of me wants to see Tebow lose for being such an insufferable faithhead and using his (undeserved) platform to advocate for all kinds of stupidity.  Did any of you read the Examiner article about Jake Plummer’s comments about Tebow?  William Hamby says a lot of things I agree with in that article.  Among them, he summarizes my feelings of Denver’s pseudo-quarterback.

He has received what many believe to be an inordinate amount of coverage for poor statistical performances that have nonetheless led to victories for the foundering Denver Broncos.

More to the subject matter at hand, Tebow is also very, very well known for being a devoted Christian.  Whether he’s tackling his mother to end abortion (no… really!) or tweeting Bible verses before games to his starry-eyed fans, or evangelizing to teammates (or anyone else who will listen), Tebow is definitely a Christian.  No doubt about it.  For anyone.  Ever.  He makes sure of it.  Every chance he gets.

It drives me up a tree when people say “Tebow keeps winning”.  First, he’s played like an eighth-string quarterback.  The Denver defense has stepped up to help mitigate Tebow’s shitty offensive performances.  Tebow’s savior isn’t Jesus, it’s the Broncos defense, though Tebow would never admit it.  Since Tebow took over, only once has their defense allowed more than two touchdowns.  Thankfully, that occasion was last week against the floundering Vikings which, like so many other Bronco wins with Tebow at the helm, Denver managed to eek by – thanks to Tebow, for the first time in his NFL career, completing more than 50% of his passes against Minnesota’s lackluster defense.

Sadly, Denver is getting another injury-depleted team this week in Chicago.  The Bears have lost three straight and have some serious quarterback issues, which sets up Denver’s defense to win another game despite Tebow’s lame stats.  I can’t wait to see Denver run up against a decent team that isn’t depleted by injuries and see a repeat of what Detroit did to Tebow.

Upset pick of the week:  Panthers over the Falcons

So here’s a place for all you godless football fans to chat today.  Bonus points for inventive Tebow gripes.

Image via Courtney Alexandra.

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