Got a Winner Here…

I’m busy playing Left 4 Dead 2 with the people hosting me here in Pennsylvania.  But I saw this anonymous comment and can’t help sharing the lulz.

You’re an idiot. Seriously. You presume “being rational” is both morally and evolutionarily superior. Yet, higher cognitive functioning is a relatively new biological adaptation. Therefore, on a geological and universal timescale, it cannot be fully determined to enhance survivability. For example, our species could be completely eliminated within a single day due to our “rationality and intelligence” ala nuclear holocaust.

Let people find their purpose in God if they want. It probably makes them better people. Psychological research shows people who are religious tend to have fewer symptoms and cases of mental illness…interesting huh?

Wow…this guy’s a winner.

Guy begins by degrading rationality and intelligence.  Not a good way to start out if you want somebody to take you seriously.  If, in the defense of your position, you have to demand others to give less primacy to intelligence, it may be time to re-think some things.  This genius then proceeds to give reasons for why I should agree with him, so even if he thinks rationality is overrated, he sure jumps to trying to use it as a first option.  Emphasis on “trying”.

Also, since when is evolution the arbiter of what’s best?  Ever heard of wisdom teeth?  Blind spot in the eye?  Yeah, we evolved that shit and we use our brains to do better and to improve upon them.  Evolution improves order and survivability over time, that’s it.  We should use our brains, since understanding stuff is a great way to not win the Darwin award.  Even if we haven’t evolved gills, we should still make the intelligent decision to climb out of the water.  If not for scrapping lousy ideas and keeping the good ones, you’d still have to worry every day about where you’d find your next meal, whether or not the disease you have is going to kill you, and you’d still be walking to work.  By insisting that intelligence isn’t something we should value you’re saying it’s ok to be an idiot.  This says a lot about you, and makes me think you meant it as a compliment when you called me one.

So as long as “finding their purpose in god” is indistinguishable from “living life as if being reasonable is a luxury instead of an obligation” I’ll continue doing what I do, since irrationality does a lot of harm to the world I care about.

And seriously, “religion makes people happy!”  Can that argument just curl up and die?  What makes you happy to think about has zip to do with what’s true and it hamstrings our ability to create a better world.  Believing in Santa would probably make you super happy…but adults don’t wish to believe in silly things until you call them god.

Seriously, if the only way to defend religion is to insist it’s ok to be irrational, do you really have to ask why I take issue with religion?  Jesus Christ.  You’re arguing for your right to be as stupid as you wish.  Congratulations!  You’ve won it.

I’m going back to killing zombies.  You guys annihilate this jackass.

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