I Am Like A God

Gina Colaianni posted a rebuttal to my Skepticon IV talk over mental illness on the CFI On-Campus blog.  I’m ignoring it.  I am snowed under by emails on the subject right now from people whose lives were changed by that talk and who are willing to help change the societal rubric with regards to mental illness, and I am too busy trying to manage the immense amount of positives from that talk to branch out.  Besides, plenty of other people have rushed to my defense.

But there is a comment on the post from a chap named Terry Gherin that made me do a little dance.

And the JTsuits rush to chastise you for contradicting their Lord and Master. It makes me laugh. People agreeing with what their “fearless leader” has to say, but disagreeing on just exactly how he said it. Reminds of something, I just can’t quite place it.

Truly, I have the influence of a god.

Through my charisma and powers of guile, I manage to make people ignore all the arguments against me (except where those people repeatedly list their reasons for agreeing with me) and rush in to defend me, not out of honest disagreement of course, but because of fealty to me, their atheistic chaplain (who repeatedly harps on the evils of blind obedience, but it’s probably reverse psychology…I’m that sneaky).  It can’t be that those criticizing the post in question feel she sniped at things I clearly never said and people are disagreeing in good faith because they think accuracy matters.  No, not in my defense.  It could only be unflinching loyalty to me by a bunch of people too gullible to see through my lies and shoddy arguments.  Truly, Satan himself envies my silver tongue.

Terry’s comment reads as a compliment to me, but as a diss to other atheists.  I’m flattered that Terry thinks so highly of me, but I’m miffed that Terry thinks so lowly of our peers.  Personally, I love this movement, I enjoy the company of others in it, and I respect many of the activist non-believers I come across.  This movement is all about giving reasons for why we believe the things we believe.  Seems to me that our movement is composed of men and women who are the opposite of the gullible sods Terry thinks they are.

Hell, Terry here doesn’t even have to give a reason to disagree – he just has to note that lots of people agree with me and ascribe a servile motivation to all of them and presto: argument resolved.  Now who can compete with that?

Next my little bees, we march on castle Pharyngula!  With my own unthinking, loyal army at my back, not even PZ can stop me!

Feel the evil.

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