I Like Terrell Suggs

Ok, everybody knows I think Tim Tebow is an undersized running back and a crummy passer (to be generous) who is not good enough at either to succeed at them in the NFL who is getting playing time and attention he never would have gotten if he wasn’t such a vocal Christian.

It’s nice to see other NFL players taking shots at him too.

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs should be considered for another award outside of NFL Defensive Player of the Year. He should win Best Quote of the Year.

He delivered another doozy when reporters asked him about his chances of being named the league’s top defensive player.

“I pretty much will leave it in God’s hands, leave it in Tebow’s hands,” he said, which drew laughter from the Baltimore media.

Why not?  Tebow (and his fans) act like god puts on a Broncos uniform every fourth quarter and saves Tebow’s ass.  Although, as Tebow found out against the Lions and the Bills, god makes for a pretty lousy offensive lineman.  If they should worship anybody it should be Denver’s defense which can at least be bothered to show up for all four quarters.

Suggs has had some other good quotes during the season.

On sacking Ben Roethlisberger more times than any other NFL defender: “His soul may belong to God, but his [butt] belongs to me.”

On traveling to play Pittsburgh in November: “They already declared war on us. We’re taking 53 men to the apocalypse and we ain’t bringing flowers.”

I like this guy.  I think Jesse, who sent me the article, is just trying to find someone else to root for the Ravens.

It might work.

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