If You're Not Gay, Why Do You Stand Up For Them?

Gah!  I could be saving the galaxy from the Sith, but instead I can’t pull myself away from people saying silly things!

Here I was this morning, powering through the blogs I read in order to take up my lightsaber and go play some Huttball, when I read a perfectly legitimate gripe by the Skeptical Novice.

This evening I was browsing photos of a friend on Facebook, when I stumbled across one with my friend and another guy that was wearing a shirt with a picture of a rainbow and the phrase “More like gay-U” on the front. Seeing as he’s a KSU fan, I am assuming this is supposed to be some sort of an insult toward KU.

My first reaction was a well-deserved facepalm. Not because he is *attempting to* insult my university of choice but because he thinks “gay” is an insult at all.

Turning gay into an epithet: not a good thing!  Who could ever argue with that?  I’m not sure who, because they commented anonymously, but someone did find a way to take issue…

How dare you insinuate that gay individuals are offended by the phrase “that’s so gay.” [Insinuate? Plenty of gay people tell us they are offended by it] Unless you are yourself a lesbian, do not take it upon yourself to speak for the gay masses. [And if you’re not a woman, where do you get off fighting for their right to vote?  Let them fight that battle themselves!  And what was up with those white people who took it upon themselves to speak for slaves in the antebellum South?  The  nerve!] Just because you wear rainbow t-shirts and wave your flag of atheism gives you no right to play the role of spokesperson for gays. [My compassion for others leads me to not use inherent facets of their person as a form of derision. All I need for that is a conscience] In fact, many of my gay friends use the phrase “that’s so gay,” [if it doesn’t offend every LGBT person it must not be offensive!] and they use it often… but of course, they aren’t intellectuals who spend all their time trying to disprove the existence of god [nobody’s perfect], so what the fuck do they know? [They know their own personal comfort level with it.  It’s you who is trying to “be the spokesperson for gays” by extrapolating their personal preferences onto all gay people]

Where do these people come from?

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