It's Like Admitting to Apathy About Suffering

I did a post the other day talking about what a real savior would look like.  Well, Davis S. didn’t think it was very good.  He thought I was making a straw man.  When pushed to defend that he said…

I guess it depends on what perspective you’re evaluating the morality of it all from. This is a pretty good post from a humanist perspective, but from the Christian theological perspective, whatever God does is the very definition of good. It’s not necessarily good from our perspective, but it’s at least internally consistent.

And a little bit of vomit crept into the back of my throat.  God killing people isn’t immoral because nothing god does can be immoral!  Brilliant if you’re fucking two.

Forget for a moment that there’s not even a smattering of crumbs in the pile of evidence for god.  Think for a moment and try to come up with any moral proposition so horrid, so unbearable to even hear of, that it cannot be deemed moral by that defense.  It cannot be done.  The concept of evil becomes meaningless in this case.

Recall Abraham, the man willing to gut his son at god’s command.  This story is held up to children in Sunday school as an example of perfect faith, due to his willingness to obey god no matter what.

Now consider the atheist.  We are the ones saying Abraham failed the test.  We’re the ones saying that if a being, no matter how wise or powerful, instructed us to murder our children, we would say “Go to hell.  I would rather die myself than kill my son.”  To people like Davis S. though, we would be immoral to do so.

By saying that whatever standards we use to determine the evil men and women among us actually contribute to god’s goodness, you display utter contempt for the well-being of others.  How do you expect others around you to trust you when at a word from god you’d feel morally justified slitting their throats?  Do you not think the 9/11 maniacs felt the same way about morality?  This mindset is the engine driving the sum of religious fiendishness throughout the ages.  Slavery?  God commands it, and his commands are always morally good.  Jews into ovens?  It’s the will of the good LORD (who, I’ll remind you, is good).  Slaughtering the infidels and their children?  Why would god desire it if it weren’t good?  For those possessed by this mindset, they are necessarily separated from their humanity.

I hear this positively lunatic defense of god’s wickedness so often, usually accompanied by an insufferable haughtiness so distasteful it would make a billy goat puke, that I have to comment on it.  If you utter this idea that god is morally good no matter how greatly he acts against the interests of humanity, you lose all rights to be trusted by humanity and you look like an absolute buffoon if you ever claim Christianity makes people better.

Hell, it’s not like admitting that you’re apathetic about human suffering, it is admitting that you’re apathetic about human suffering.

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