I am exceedingly lucky – I am surrounded by love on all sides.  I am practically saturated with the stuff.

My reputation is that of an angry atheist, and I am.  I’m angry at what is wrong with a world full of people I’d never stop hugging if I had the choice.  As my name has gotten more attention I have received love in abundance from other atheists who have supported me and cared for me.  I have tried my damndest to give love back.

The ones who ask the atheists why they don’t kill themselves now, since we presumably have nothing to live for, not only confuse me but they make me sad.  What are all the people in their lives?  Their families?  Their lovers?  Their churchmates?  If heaven is all there is to live for, what can everything else be but tolerated kitsch?

The obvious truth, the practically slapping you in the face and screaming “Look over here” obvious truth, is that we live for others.  To love and be loved in return, as the saying goes.  The people I care for, I share their suffering, so I am invested in making their ills better.  I share their happiness, so I am invested in making them smile – as they are to me.  Love makes life a treat; it makes living a real adventure rather than something to endure.

Friendsmas makes me think of that.  So today is all about what I live for: the world I love, and the people in it who mean the most to me.

On the way home, I stopped off in St. Louis for a few days to see Christina and Christopher.  Michaelyn came over for a few days and a couple of readers, Ellise and “Juby” swung in as well.  Christina took pictures of all the adorable couples.

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