Richard Carrier Has Been Assimilated

Last night at my talk I was asked if there are any books I recommend.  I gave the same answer I always do: Sense and Goodness Without God, by Richard Carrier.  Ever since my friend Ben Schuldt turned me onto Richard about five years ago, he has been a hero of mine.  That book is the most thorough defense of atheism I’ve ever come across.

Dr. Carrier (it arouses him when I call him that) is one of the most brilliant men I’ve ever met, yet he manages to distill insanely complex concepts into  humorous, concise prose that can be comprehended by anybody.  He’s really amazing.

And now he has joined Freethought Blogs.  You should read him.  Daily.  If you’re unfamiliar with him, he has posted some of his greatest hits on his first entry.  It is an enormous honor for me to get to blog on the same site as my favorite atheist.  PZ, Ed, Greta, Jen, Rick….these are the people I read religiously in college.

Below the fold are some of my favorite talks he’s given.  Enjoy!  And go give Rick a rousing FtB welcome.

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  • Jehapters

    First time commenter here.

    Thanks for introducing me to this guy! I’ve had a look around Carrier’s blog and I’ve watched some of his talks, and it’s gotten me to order one of his books on Amazon.

  • Maegan

    I attended your talk this past Thursday, December first, at GVSU. In your talk you said you believe that everyone can determine their own purpose. I find my purpose in God. So, who are you to tell me this is wrong, when you say you believe that everyone, including myself, can determine their own purpose?