Sunrise Over Arkansas

My best ideas have never come under duress.  I have seldom figured something out or had a startling realization by sitting down and consciously asserting myself mentally.

No, the best way for me to think is to control my environment; to remove anything that might be sucking up brainpower and relax.  For me, the best place has always been Arkansas where I grew up.  It’s quiet, and it makes my mind quiet.  My parents house is nestled into the woods where I can go for walks, look at every star in the sky, listen to the noises the animals make, or just relax in my flannel and wool socks and watch the sunrise.

Click to enlargen the image.

Yes, I regularly wake up this early.  Always have.  Blame my father for his early-to-rise genetics.

Happiness in life means finding the people you inevitably think about when you see something like this.  I’m glad my dad was awake.  I hope Greta can visit my old home with me some day.  This morning I wished very fervently that Michaelyn and Christina were here.

Michaelyn will be here in four days!  :)  The blog may go silent for a few days while we explore.  I’ll make it up to you with pictures.

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