The Ultimate Flip-Floppers

Ed Brayton wrote a great post this morning about how NOM is increasingly financially fucked (yay!).  He excerpted a bit from the mailer they sent out trying to make up the difference.

And they’re looking for advice on how to spend their money more efficiently:

  • Should I abandon a state like Maryland, New Jersey or Rhode Island, where marriage is under fire?
  • Should I scale back our efforts to repeal same-sex marriage in a state like Iowa, New Hampshire or New York?
  • Should I stop our Washington-based lobbying efforts to protect the Defense of Marriage Act (there is new legislation to repeal DOMA) and just hope for the best?
  • Should I scale back our plans for the presidential election, letting President Obama off the hook for the lies he will tell on the campaign trail?

Nope. You should just close your doors. You’re on the losing side of history, just like your predecessors were in opposing interracial marriage 45 years ago. Give up.

And right, he is.

Speaking of history though, a time will come when Christians will try to take credit for securing equality for gays.  Atheists will point out that the virtual entirety of the opposition to equality for LGBT people emanated directly from the pulpit and the Christians will still claim credit.  They will admit there were a few not-true-Christians who were bad apples, but that Jesus led the real believers to oppose them.  When we ask, if not from believers, from whence the stalwart resistance to equality sprang, they will come up with excuses like bad economic policies, Dawinism, or other ridiculousness.

The truth is this: you remove religion from the equation, specifically Christianity in the United States, and this issue would have been settled ages ago.  As it stands, we have to drag the religious into modernity like a two year-old pitching a fit.

In the next decade, when the battle for LGBT rights has been won, don’t let the people claiming god authored a book that called for their deaths claim the victory.  Hold them accountable.

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