Until Abortion Ends: How to Fail at Escalating a Social Issue

The opinions expressed in this blog post are those of JT Eberhard and are not the opinions of the Secular Student Alliance.

Christina showed me a growing anti-abortion trend last night.  It’s a website called “Until Abortion Ends (a Hero Initiative)”.  The idea is that people will make a personal sacrifice until abortion is made illegal.

The picture on the front page of the website gives, what we can only assume, is their most powerful example.

Whoa.  Way to take it to the next level, hero.  I can’t help but wonder what reaction this woman is anticipating.

Man in Black Suit:  Mr. President, there’s a woman somewhere in America who has said she won’t drink coffee until abortion is no longer legal.

President:  But, that has nothing to do with the arguments for or against abortion that have been made by the medical community and in court…

Man in Black Suit:  Do you really think that will matter as word of this gets out?

President:  She’s bluffing…how will she wake up without her coffee?

Man in Black Suit:  That may be, but the public outcry over this is already huge.  It appears she’s going to follow through.  Americans are accusing you of keeping this woman from her coffee.

President:  …my god.

I took to youtube to see what other people were giving up.

Man in Black Suit:  Now people are giving up soda pop.

President:  Not Jones soda though?

Man in Black Suit:  Also Jones soda.

President:  I…I never thought they’d take it this far…

Man in Black Suit:  It appears they are, sir.

President:  So many…so passionate…

Man in Black Suit:  Mr. President, there are more unadopted children by far than adoptive parents and the strain of women being forced to abdicate control of their own bodies on our tanked economy is frightening…

President:  *slaps him in the face*  You want to talk about the consequences?  Look here!  *plays video of people giving up soda*  There are the consequences!

Wow.  Is there no end to the sacrifice?

So, let me get this straight.  You think abortion is murder, and that its legality is the equivalent of government-approved genocide.  It would be the equivalent of allowing adults to shoot each other, since a fetus is a human being just like them.  And your response, the way you’re going to step in and keep these other innocent full-fledged human beings from death…is to stop drinking soda?  People make bigger sacrifices for Lent.  Call me crazy, but it seems like there’s just a bit of a disconnect here…

These people claim to be passionate about ending a slaughter, but their actions could not minimize it any more.  For these people the cry of revolution is a soft whine from their taste buds.

I wonder if they’ve thought it through far enough to come up with a suitable and equitable punishment for people who get abortions


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