What I Want in 2012

JT:  The stars are so bright down here.  I feel so small.

Michaelyn:  You are small.  But very big to me.  :)

More moments like that with Michaelyn, Christina, my family, and the people who mean the world to me.  I want to make someone smile that big.

Happy New Year, everybody.  This global community of non-believers, the most massive since people began to doubt god’s existence, has become an enormous part of my life.  I’ve met so many people who care about me and who care for kindred ‘spirits’ they’ve never even met in this movement.  I’m so proud of what we did in 2011.  I wish I could give each of you a hug.  You’re all big to me.

Let’s kick more ass in 2012.  <3

  • Pteryxx

    Best. Resolution. Ever

  • Michaelyn


  • http://raisinghellions.wordpress.com/ Lou Doench

    Happy New Year JT, hope my fellow Buckeye continues to rock the shit out in the 2012.

  • Graditude2u

    What you younger folks have done in the past few years has nourished my confidence….keep it up, keep it real.