Ahlquist May Transfer Schools

It’s now revealed that Jessica Ahlquist may transfer schools.  This shouldn’t be a news flash to anybody.  She has to have police officers follow her around while at school.  That alone is a huge distraction.  When you factor in the level to which she must fear for her safety I don’t see how anybody could expect her to concentrate and learn in that environment.

Still, there are plenty of people who will remind us that by asking her school to obey the law, Jessica brought this on herself.  A commenter identifying as Ken said…

You reap what you sow Jessica. How naive of a child she must be to think her actions would have no intended consequences.

Sure, Jessica shouldn’t be bullied to the point of transfer; she’s only going to experience similar problems elsewhere. You made your bed, now sleep in it and deal with the problems. Perhaps her next crusade should be taking the word “God” out of the pledge of allegiance. Good luck with that….

Of course!  She should have known asking her school to stop breaking the law would result in consequences like harassment from god-fearing people!  Jessica is the one in the wrong (not in the judge’s eyes, of course)!  It’s not the fault of the people who would happily break the law to favor their religion and who are threatening the well-being of a sixteen year-old girl.

Tell me again how Christianity makes people better…

Or how about Tina’s comment?

If she thought that she could do something like that and not have anyone say anything about it…she should have thought again and weighed all the pros and cons of what her actions could entail. Going to a different school will not help her, she is just running away.

For weeks we’ve heard the mob wishing this little upstart would leave the state.  But oh, now that she’s miserable they want her to stick around and marinate in it for a while.

I’m sure Jessica knew people would say something about it, and I don’t think she takes issue with that.  She probably thought the loving Christians in Cranston wouldn’t say things like “definetly laying it down on this athiest tommorow anyone else?”, or “Let’s all jump that girl who did the banner”, or “But for real somebody should jump this girl” lmao let’s do it!”, or “hail Mary full of grace @jessicaahlquist is gonna get punched in the face”, and worse.  Sadly, it appears her only mistake was giving the godly too much credit.

Once more a commenter seems to think it’s Jessica’s fault, not the faithful thugs who have created that environment.  I suspect Jessica is fine with people disagreeing, but who could expect her to continue to go to school in that environment and be able to learn?  Who else would relish her misery?

Surely not followers of that religion of love.  Surely not.

The comments are full of true, true believers illustrating how useless faith is for producing compassionate people.  Fortunately there seems to be an ample army of evil little things going to town on the faithful in there.  *sniffle*  Makes me proud.


Jess has told me she’s not transferring schools.  She’s going to stick it out at Cranston West.  🙂

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