An Easy Question

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The radio station that employs the cynical man who did the “coerced by evil people” interview is running a poll (scroll down, on the right).  They’re wondering if the judge did the right thing.

It’s at…

65% Yes

35% No

I’m driving back to Columbus today from the Camp Quest Ohio planning retreat.  I’ll bet they’ll have gotten a resounding answer by the time I get home.  I know what a helpful bunch you all are.

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  • Cathryn

    78% to 22% as of now…

  • Per Edman


  • CoderHead


  • Tara


  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Well, there’s one poll effectively WWJTDated.

  • Julie


  • mrianabrinson

    Done. I support the decision. The banner has no place in a public school and no one should be harassing or bullying the young woman who helped to get it removed.

  • omcdurham

    94% ‘yes”, now!

  • Melanie


  • neatospiderplant


  • Drakk


    I did hear about it on pharyngula first, though.

  • Richard

    98/2! :D

  • Drakk


    I wonder if it’s possible to stack the “yes” option so heavily that the data value that tracks “no” becomes so vanishingly small that it just rounds it down to 0%.

    Keep voting! With the combined forces of Pharyngula and Reddit we might be able to completely pharyngulate a poll!

  • Allie

    Still 99 to 1.Perhaps our next goal should be to crash the site from all the traffic?

  • StevoR

    Voted – latest figures as of now :

    Do you support the Judge’s decision to remove the Cranston Prayer Banner?

    Yes – 99%
    No – 1%

    Also from that website is this positive update :

    although other items such as the whooping cough (pertussis) outbreak (thanks anti-vaxxers for that extra needless human misery.) and a politican calling for the reinstatement of the death penalty may not please folks here as much.

  • radi4music

    At 12:32am PST 01/17/2012, the count stands (including my vote) at 99% yes, 1% no. JT your PZ mask was purrrfect! :)