Arkansas vs. Kansas State Open Thread

I am curled up with the family and Michaelyn, and we are all decked out in our Razorback finery.  We even went and acquired some stylish Hogwear for Michaelyn!

That’s hot.

Anyway, mom is making Razorback chili and we have Razorback shrimp salad.  We’re ready.

As for the game, here’s what sticks out to me.  Arkansas has four receivers who will play in the NFL (Jarius Wright [1st team all-SEC], Joe Adams [1st team all-SEC], Greg Childs, and Cobi Hamilton) as well as a quarterback that will play on Sunday (Tyler Wilson [1st team all-SEC]).  This amounts to one of the top offenses in the country which averaged 37.4 points per game in the nation’s toughest defensive conference.  They will be playing against the nation’s 104th ranked pass defense.  Kansas State’s two losses were to teams that gashed them passing the ball (Oklahoma and Oklahoma St. both had 500+ passing yards against the Wildcats).  That’s not a good sign for Kansas State.

So already Arkansas might be able to just outscore them.

So what could save the Wildcats?  Though Arkansas has the 37th-ranked defense overall, they have the 80th-ranked run defense.  Kansas State has a great running quarterback in Klein and a great rushing offense.  If they can stall and run the clock on offense to keep our offense off the field, then Arkansas might have some problems.  I strongly suspect Arkansas is going to be stacking the box every play though to make Kansas State go to the air.  Arkansas will happily go with a fast-paced, high-scoring game.  Yes, we might give up a few touchdowns through the air, but Klein will make mistakes throwing the ball.  The more offensive possessions Arkansas gets, the less likely they are to lose.

Anyway, here’s an open thread on the Cotton Bowl.  Go hogs!

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