Blog Catchup

If you missed out on posts from yesterday due to the blackout, here is a list of all the posts from yesterday.

Two Great Points From Two Great Men

World’s First Zombie Infestation!

Portrait Of Hitch To Benefit Reasonfest

Best Of #jtmeme

We Know The Answer

Tshirts And Mass Bullying

You should also contact your representatives and tell them you’re pissed about SOPA in order to prevent that from happening permanently.

  • Cathryn

    Your link for Best Of #jtmeme has an extra “http” at the beginning. (and thus, it does not work)

  • slc1

    Relative to the issues in SOPA and PIPA, the Justice Department has shut down the file sharing service Megaupload and had several of their top executives arrested on charges of piracy of copyrighted material. It would appear that they don’t need SOPA and PIPA to go after these guys.,2817,2399105,00.asp