Brad Harrub debates morals

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Dr. Brad Harrub will be taking part in a debate next month on the effect of an evolutionary worldview on morality. It will be on February 7th at 7 p.m. EST and will be broadcast on Gospel Broadcasting Network.

Too bad I can’t be in Charleston, SC for this debate. Does anybody want to go and take notes/live blog it? I’ll be blogging about it when they breadcast it on GBN (Gospel Broadcasting Network), but I don’t think they will broadcast it live.

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  • jimmy60

    What’s an evolutionary world view?

    Science doesn’t do ‘world views’ and the theory that the alleles in a population change over time isn’t a world view, it’s an observed fact.

    I’d rather see them debate “Why hide facts about reality over concerns that some people may be inspired by them to behave poorly”.

    Besides, having the religious point to things and say it causes bad behaviour is pretty much the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Gretchen

    jimmy60 is quite right. It’s true that knowledge of evolution can change your outlook, but so can knowledge of anything. Essentially this sounds like a debate about whether people who are aware of evolution are worse behaved than people who are ignorant of it. Good luck arguing that one, Dr. Harrub!

  • wonderer

    The mere topic of the debate smacks of committing the fallacy of argument from consequence. Any behavioral consequences resulting from teaching the Theory of Evolution has no bearing on the truth or falsity of the Theory of Evolution.

    So I’m wondering, even if Harrub were able to establish that teaching an evolutionary worldview leads to bad behavior (which of course he won’t) would lying for Jesus be justified in order to avoid that consequence?

  • cafeeineaddicted

    Oh, I’m sure the naturalistic fallacy will pop up in there, as well as references to Hitler and how his hatred of jews is directly correlated to Darwin… somehow.
    Phrases to watch for:

    “If you think you’re an animal, you’ll behave like one”
    “Evolution removes the dignity of human existence”
    “Evolution is only a theory, except when its a worldview”
    “How will little Timmy know not to have sex before marriage if he thinks he’s a monkey?”
    “Look at how many people have been killed since this evilution thingie came up”

  • had3

    One of the world views predating the understanding of evolution included burning 10′s of 1000′s of people for being witches. If that wasn’t a valid worldview, what changed that caused people to discard 700 years of belief in that worldview? Wouldn’t be science & reason, would it?

  • Mark

    “Does Teaching An Evolutionary Worldview Lead To Bad Behavior”

    Looks like a pretty empirical question to me (at least once “bad behavior” is defined).

    What was the quantity of bad behavior per capita per unit time prior to an understanding of biological natural selection and afterwords? (Hint: No need to look at the correlation/causation question to answer the topic question)

    The historians have plenty of data available, seems to me the debate should take all of 15 minutes, including introductions…

    … I bet empirical data isn’t the focus of the debate for at least one side.

  • F


  • Irreverend Bastard

    Guaranteed to be mentioned: Social Darwinism, eugenics and nazism.

  • dfl42

    The week after, they should have a debate about how the Law of Gravity means we should all be trying to dig to the center of the nearest large body of mass.

  • cafeeineaddicted

    dfl42: But count how many times people have pushed people off high buildings since the theory of gravity came about! How many people had jumped off skyscrapers before Newton? Zero.

  • Kevin

    Someone please pass out the Creationist’s Bingo Card before the event?

    It would be so worth it.

    Of course, Ken Miller will be doing his “god directed evolution” schtick, so the real facts about the ToE will be absent.

    Hitchens would have been a lovely addition to the platform. We need a new warrior.

  • TV200

    A better title for that debate would be “Does teaching people that their beliefs are better than others, and entitled to great rewards because of that, promote bad behavior?”.

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