Cranston Commenters #10: Chris Young

Turns out there’s video of a great deal of the committee meeting to determine whether or not to appeal the judge’s decision in the Jessica Ahlquist case.

Good.  This is what Jessica Ahlquist is up against.

He is asked when stepping to the mic if his commentary is about the agenda only (i.e. not about the prayer banner).  He says it is.  He lied.  If only Jesus were as good at making people morally good as he was at forgiving them for being morally shitty.

He goes on to ask what the overall budget is for the school.  He is told that it’s 133 million dollars.  Without knowing any of the particulars such as how much an appeal will cost, whether or not they were over or under budget for the past year, what the projections are for the coming year, etc., he then says…

Boy, I guess we can focus on some other issues rather than whether somebody gets a raise.

This statement perfectly demonstrates the fucked up priorities of the vocal Christians in Cranston.  Why pay your teachers well when we can throw the money away on a case that’s unwinnable?

And the true, true believers cheered.  The particulars clearly are not important to that room.  It doesn’t matter if education will suffer.  It doesn’t matter that this guy didn’t have enough info.  It didn’t matter that he lied to steal the spotlight.  Moral and intellectual concerns are not the interests of the faithful here.  No, their only worry is that the school fights for the law to be broken in favor of Christianity.

It’s an indictment on humanity that so many can see something so hideous, so offensive to human potential, so flagrantly immoral, as beautiful.  To all you moderates who cannot fathom why I criticize faith at every opportunity, I give you Chris Young and the room that applauded him.

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  • Kara Swan

    This is what is making me pull my hair out in frustration. THEY ARE FIGHTING TO BREAK THE LAW. They are wasting money that is there to educate youngsters and then true to form are placing the blame on the woman who was only trying to fix an unlawful mistake. Accept responsibility and move on already.

  • Nick Johnson

    This was part of my original concern. I feel sorry for the kids who attend this school because their quality of education has a good possibility of declining due to their schools willingness to just throw money away.

  • Otrame

    If the education in that school was any good to start with the kids would know that what Jessica did was the right, the legal, thing to do.

  • Art Vandelay

    To give you some perspective, this whack-job actually ran for Mayor of Providence a couple of years back. The news was forced to give him equal air time and he used it to…well…just watch…

    • Dark Matter

      Is it just me or this a lot like the episode of the UK Office in which David Brent (Ricky Gervais) brings his guitar to work?

      He keeps singing about Jesus and all I keep hearing is “Free love on the free love freeway/where the love is free and the freeway is long.”

    • JW

      i feel much better knowing that this bloke is just your run of the mill christian nutjob.

      love the office analogy :)

  • Richard


  • Randomfactor

    Did you see the part with the nutcase who flung $5 at the school board and had to be escorted out by security? Priceless.

  • F

    Obviously, this guy doesn’t know what a budget is, aside from the other stupidity. School budgets are essentially already spent (allocated), and portions of the budget, by law, can only be used for certain things. It’s not a slush fund.

  • garnetstar

    I’ve been wondering about these wingnuts: don’t they have anything else to do? Don’t they have jobs, families, friends, activities?

    If you think it’s more worth your while to advocate breaking the law rather than living your life, you have too much time on your hands.

  • Greg du Pille

    I love it that this is the person whose disingenuous arguments were put by him to the School Committee in April 2011 and largely used by them in their ill-fated and costly defense of the “prayer banner”.

    You know, this totally secular, not at all Christian, historical artifact that only a crazed liberal activist judge could possibly order removed and that would cost the City of Cranston little if nothing because the ACLU couldn’t recover its legal costs.

    The same person who is urging Cranston, with his snappy, 45 second advertisements to go out and spend maybe another $100,000 or so on top of the the likely $50,000 already wasted from the school budget, that in all probability will not go to benefit the city’s kids education because he thinks it would be better trying to defend the words “Our Heavenly Father” with tax dollars rather than his own.

    You know, the person showing us all, as clearly as day, that the whole thing is entangled with religion, making it easy peasy for a judge to just shrug and say “appeal dismissed”. Oh, and to make the whole thing binding on not just Rhode Island, but the whole of the First Circuit. Smart.

  • Markita Lynda–Happy Darwin’s Birthday!

    I’m beginning to think that Cranston should appeal just to get the ruling confirmed by a higher court and make it binding in more jurisdictions. Then maybe schools will start looking at what’s in their halls and bringing themselves into conformance with the law.