Cranston Commenters #2

Onward with comments from the Provo Journal.

HeatMiseR says:

“The banner has been hanging for 50 years!

Who is this girl to come along now and demand it’s removal?

Take it down and when she leaves the school put it right back up!!”

It was there for fifty years!  And how long had segregation been around before that?  Hell, if things were one way, we should never alter that!  Change is for quitters!

Hell, the plaintiff was even a woman.  How long were they not able to vote, AMIRITE???

The last line is also great.  “Fuck it!  Break the law!”  This guy is begging to get smashed in court again.  Easy for him, he loses nothing, and he clearly doesn’t care about the quality of education in Cranston plummeting as they piss money away on no-win lawsuits.

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  • Randomfactor

    My guess is that they’ll redo the plaque as a secular statement with nearly the same wording and put it back up as an FU to the Constitution, everyone agreeing how awful it was that the majority got so persecuted.

    Probably with some mindless chanting of the original version.

    • cincinatheist

      If I recall, rewording the “prayer” to make it a “motto” was actually proposed as a compromise and the school board rejected.

      JT, if you spend time skewering all the inane comments over there, you’ll go bonkers. They are rolling in at like ten a minute. All the typical crap. But keep fighting the good fight, the rest of us appreciate it. :)