Cranston Commenters #9

(Christina here…)

The vile filth and threats  against Jessica Ahlquist continue. These ones are pretty direct.

Photo of a screen capture of Twitter comments.

Tom Bauman @tbauman93: @jessicaahlquist why don’t you just die already?

Tom Bauman @tbauman93: Fuck it I’m your top suspect anyway

Tom Bauman @tbauman93: And I’m sorry but my constitution says I have a DUTY to use force to stop people from taking away my rights.

Tom Bauman @tbauman93: Cranston police can suck my dick. Yes I do hate jessica alquist. Yes I do hope she dies. Yes I do wish her massive amounts of bodily harm

Tom apparently doesn’t like that Jessica posted a conversation between the two of them on her blog.

Click to embiggen

Thanks for using your (apparent) real name and (apparent) birthday year, sweetheart. I hope your next employer googles you before they hire you so they can be made aware of the kind of person you are.

How morally bankrupt do you have to be to wish someone bodily harm and gleefully proclaim you’ll love it when you hear about them burning in hell because of a prayer banner being removed from a public school auditorium? Man, I sure want to convert to Christianity now.

I need advice: Who should we contact about this? What is the right move here?

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  • anteprepro

    Thanks for using your (apparent) real name and (apparent) birthday year, sweetheart.

    lolwhoops. Here’s to hoping that the police aren’t ideological law-flouting morons like so many others in Cranston, so that someone will make sure Tony Baumen learns that death threats aren’t generally taken lightly, even if they are made on the internet.

  • Markita Lynda—-Happy New Year, everyone!

    Making yourself unemployable:
    Lesson 1: Make death threats on the Internet.
    Lesson 2: Demonstrate that you are a potential religious terrorist.
    Lesson 3: Broadcast your contempt for legally constituted authority.

    Yep, companies will really like that one. Suppose you get angry at management? I can see it now…

  • julian

    And I’m sorry but my constitution says I have a DUTY to use force to stop people from taking away my rights.


    Cowardly little fuck, isn’t he?

    Excuse me, Mr. Tough Guy, when you’re done being a festering sore on the side of humanity could you please explain how your rights are protected by assaulting someone trying to bring a case before a judge? Because that seems like the opposite of protecting rights. Seems like infringement actually.

  • StevoR

    @ ^ Markita Lynda—-Happy New Year, everyone! : (Happy 2012 for you too btw – cheers!)

    Yup. It seems so obvious – and yet so many hateful idiots seem to do it anyhow. Do they deliberately want to ruin their own lives by doing this? Are they that clueless? Is spewing their hate-on-a-teenage-girl just too irresistable for them to behave any other way than, threatening an intelligent outspoken young women with death and bodily harm and sexual assualt threats. Even knowing surely, the probable consequences for themselves?

    Taking down a silly unconstitutional illegal prayer banner has them just that angry and full of insecure rabid hatred that it overcomes even the most basic of human thought for self-preservation and basic manners?!

    I don’t get them.

    • Cathryn

      Simple: They think almost everyone is on their side and that they are right. They believe they are being a hero by standing up for what is “right”, as well.

      • ash

        I also think that they have no idea how big this issue is in the internets. And amongst the articulate atheist eviscerators of stupidity

  • Arancaytar

    This guy is not just some religious jerk like many of the other commenters; he sounds seriously mentally disturbed. His obsession with death (he hopes she suffers and dies, and hopes he himself dies as well) and his clear violent intentions mark him as a danger to everyone around him.
    It is to be hoped that he is locked up before he decides to bring any weapons to school.

  • stubby

    “All over one little word that YOU don’t even believe in. Now they have to spend more money to have police patrol the school to protect you. That is everyone’s tax money that YOU are spending as if it is YOURS. God Bless you.”

    Will someone please respond to this douche bag named Dave. This post is from January 16th and is near the bottom. I would do it but I am not nearly as articulate as many of you. He deserves a proper verbal thrashing for blaming Jessica for the increased police activity, instead of the loving christians who have threatened her with rape and murder.

  • Gordon

    I just dont get how these people think they have the moral high ground. Are they really that unaware? Apparently so.

    I wonder if they were to imagine these events as a High School movie, would they really not cast themselves as the mindless bullies that stand in the path of the plucky heroine on her hero’s journey?

    What do they teach at that school? Other than how to ignore the content of a prayer while screaming about how important the bloody thing is?

    Poor kids cant even reliably identify the villain of a story.

    • julian

      Or how’s he’s intentionally made Ms. Ahlquist’s case for her. Literally everyone knows it’s a prayer. Everyone is angry because they’re taking G-d out of it. How much clearer an endorsement of religion do you need?

  • StevoR

    Hmm, I wonder…

    related news or not? Interesting either way.

    • Christina

      I’m thinking no, as his Facebook page says he goes to U of RI now and graduated on ’11.

  • grumpyoldfart

    Imagine what it will be like when the fundies get control of the Government in America …

  • DaveL

    And I’m sorry but my constitution says I have a DUTY to use force to stop people from taking away my rights.

    Actually no, no it does not.

    • Martin

      Weeeellll….his constitution may say that (only on planet Wingnuttia), but the constitution of the USA does not.

  • 8bit

    And I’m sorry but my constitution says I have a DUTY to use force to stop people from taking away my rights.

    What you’re not getting is it’s what his constitution says. That he wrote himself. Like, a few minutes ago. It totally says one of his rights is to force his religion on others.

  • Adam Lee

    If you read this goober’s Twitter account back a little further, you can also see a post boasting about all the drinking he planed to do on New Year’s. His Facebook account says he’s in the class of 2011… which, unless he’s been left back several times, means he’s not old enough to do that legally. Whoops?

  • TV200

    It really is a damn good thing that they can’t burn us anymore.
    Tom Bauman would probably be gathering the kindling,doing a little dance with each scrap of wood gathered.

    This guy may know what is in Tom Bauman’s constitution, but has no clue as to what is in the United States Constitution.

  • MikeMa

    Ironically, in some of the numerous earlier threads on this topic, several christers lamented Jessica’s future job prospects. I predict she will be snapped up and have competing offers while Tom ‘asshole’ Bauman will have none. His sense of entitlement will make him a lousy team player and his inability to process facts without his christer filter will make him useless in all but the most menial of jobs. I predict prison for Tom.

    Tom has chosen the easy path. He found an easy road to recognition and applause. (Probably ignored at home.) Jessica chose the hard road, toiling for justice in a community of malevolent opponents. Which one sounds more christ-like?

  • briandurden

    I will go out on a limb and suggest that this guy might be a little bit mentally disturbed? He’s showing signs of someone that doesn’t have a grip on reality (outside of the obvious religiosity of course).

  • Brian Fields

    This guy should be reported to the FBI, I believe. If he’s making death threats over the internet across state lines, I think that’s probably the appropriate agency to deal with it.

  • Kara Swan

    I think the best move here would be for Jessica to file a restraining order against him. Even if she’s not actually afraid of him following through on these threats it’s the best way to get this on record.

  • MarkNS

    We could all send Tom, that evil little thing,FB messages…just for fun.

  • ashleyjones

    We should see if Jessica has taken action herself (alerting the police kind of action). Maybe she already has, if she has I don’t think there’s much for us to do. But maybe she hasn’t. If she hasn’t I think that she or someone else should. They live in the same city, to me that’s automatic grounds for his threat to be taken seriously because he could carry out his threats with much more ease than someone in Alabama, for example. We could call the Cranston police, I don’t think there would be jurisdiction issues since we’re neither the victim nor the potential assailant.

  • davidcortesi

    In the wake of the Columbine shootings, many school districts adopted extremely strict policies about violent activities and threats of violence. It shouldn’t take a ton of research to find out if the Cranston district did; and if it did, these threats are very likely enough to get the harassers suspended from school. Assuming the administration would follow up.

  • Shaun

    I looked for the Cranston Police Department on Facebook. Looks like I wasn’t the only one that found them.

  • The Amazing Rando

    What I find most amusing is, this behavior is coming from people who claim to be “moral.” “God” makes people moral, unless they’re threatening, assaulting, or killing people who have a different opinion. I couldn’t count the number of people who hold the Bible up and speak out about their “Morality” while simultaneously committing things like this.

  • Carrie

    “While we thank all of you who wish to provide tips to the Cranston Police Department, we ask that you keep them off this wall so as not to compromise any potential case. You may always call the station directly or email your respective district Lieutenant. Those emails may be found on the department’s website. Thanks again.”

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