Cranston Commenters #9

(Christina here…)

The vile filth and threats  against Jessica Ahlquist continue. These ones are pretty direct.

Photo of a screen capture of Twitter comments.

Tom Bauman @tbauman93: @jessicaahlquist why don’t you just die already?

Tom Bauman @tbauman93: Fuck it I’m your top suspect anyway

Tom Bauman @tbauman93: And I’m sorry but my constitution says I have a DUTY to use force to stop people from taking away my rights.

Tom Bauman @tbauman93: Cranston police can suck my dick. Yes I do hate jessica alquist. Yes I do hope she dies. Yes I do wish her massive amounts of bodily harm

Tom apparently doesn’t like that Jessica posted a conversation between the two of them on her blog.

Click to embiggen

Thanks for using your (apparent) real name and (apparent) birthday year, sweetheart. I hope your next employer googles you before they hire you so they can be made aware of the kind of person you are.

How morally bankrupt do you have to be to wish someone bodily harm and gleefully proclaim you’ll love it when you hear about them burning in hell because of a prayer banner being removed from a public school auditorium? Man, I sure want to convert to Christianity now.

I need advice: Who should we contact about this? What is the right move here?

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