Find Me in SWTOR

I play Star Wars: The Old Republic from time to time.  I’ll be playing tonight.

Vrook Lamar server.  Republic.  Look for Ureldor.  :)

  • ulgaa

    You must embrace the power of the Dark Side.

  • Timid Atheist

    Oh ho, you’re on my server, JT! Say hi to Ome if you see her! Of course she’s Empire, so maybe I don’t want you to say hi.

    • JT Eberhard

      See you in PvP. ;) I’m the healer you’ll want to kill first.

      • manocheese

        It’s also my server. Will keep an eye out for you.

  • Mare Lacrimarum

    Awww…and ya leave before I can say hi. :P

    • JT Eberhard

      I’m there now. :D

      • Mare Lacrimarum

        Found ya! It was nice to chat with ya. :D


  • Jon Voisey

    I would… except my entire desktop appears to be dead. Really, I think something’s wrong with the video card, but it won’t turn on at all… :(

  • m.j. nam

    Currently on another server, but I’ll roll an alt on Vrook Lamar … hmmmm, I haven’t rolled a trooper yet.

    • JT Eberhard

      I rolled one just last night. They’re so broken, especially commandos!

      • m.j. nam

        oy…maybe i’ll stick to Smuggler…although, kinda enjoying the Guardian tank.

  • Digital_Viking

    I’m on Vrook Lamar as well – Cry Havoc guild. Baelan the trooper, Gyorgi the gunslinger and Bae’lan the Jedi Knight with anger issues.

  • James Croft

    I am SO making an alt there so I can quest with you / destroy you in PvP! ;)

  • tynk

    I’m coming I’m coming! Bout time you let us know what server you were going to be on. :) I am on dark reaper right now, but have no strong attachments, will see if I can get myself to relocate.

  • Carina

    Please tell me you also play GuildWars….